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Fri, Jan-18-02, 16:04
Ok I have been doing this for 2 weeks - last week I lost nothing - but I put that down to 2 things - TOM & not sticking rigidly to induction.
This week I have been very good - my craving for sweet things has gone- my headache has gone - but I have only lost 2 pounds. I have been keeping the journal upto date - so if any of you read it and have soem brainwave as to why my loss is so small I would appreciate it. At this moment in time I feel like chucking this WOE in.

Thanks a lot, Lucy :(

Fri, Jan-18-02, 18:30
I had a quick read of your journal Lucy.

I am no expert, but here are my thoughts.

2pounds from a total of 14pounds = is 14% weight loss, while on induction (which you deviated from a few times) If I lose 14% by the time I finish I will be extatic. Atkins doesn't want for you to lose a heap of weight really fast - that is why he likes for pre-maintainance to last so long, so we learn how to live lo-carb.

Chicken Sausages: no no. My brother in law is a butcher, and there is not just chicken in dem dar thangs! They put in fillers such as sugars, and bulkers such as flour. Either buy the chicken mince and make them skinless chicken sausages, or stay away.

Salami: good in small amounts on induction. Again though, there are a lot of additives in Salami. I love it to death too, but am totally avoiding it for a while.

Jelly: Lo-Fat Jelly has aspartain. It is advised that you avoid this artificial sweetner while on Induction especially, as it actually SLOWS DOWN weight loss, not to mention it being linked to cancer. Many people on OWL have it occasionally, but not regularly.

Salads: How much? Are you properly measuring your salad intake - watch out for tomatos - they are hidden carb monsters.

Some ideas for you:
Coffee: Decaf coffee with 2 tps of cream. You get the coffee taste and the filling cream flavour without any of the tang of decaf. You get some odd looks at cafe's but oh, soooo nice.

Spinach: Baby spinach leaves are so versitle. Remember the spinach and feta triangles we used to eat as kids? Instead of putting them in puff pastry/pie, make it in a sauspan, and use it as a base for some of that meat you are eating. The salty feta really adds to a steak I find.

Exercise: You didn't write up your exercise. Are you walking 5 days a week?

All that being said - I still think you have lost a good % amount for your total loss.

Don't give up!

Oh - little treats if you have to have them. Ricci candies/licorice/caramels. These are made with splenda not aspartain and can be bought from specialty chocolate stores (the ones that sell diabetic chocolate). DarrelLea also have no carb fruit chews and fruit candy.
Buy Nando's Fresh Lemon and PerriPerri Marinade. It is the most amazing product I have found. 4.7g per 100g. You can get it from woolies. Use it on chicken, lamb, seafood, anything. SOOOOO good, as it has a nice tang, which is such a change from the same old foods.

Good luck Lucy! believe in yourself, because you can do it. And remember, losing too fast is a bad thing!



Sat, Jan-19-02, 00:31
Reymi has given good advice here Lucy. I dropped by to check your journal again.

I think you are doing pretty well actually.

Consider giving up the sweets altogether for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. Even 1 lowcarb SF jelly, lolly, sweet will stop me losing. Don't have any diet softdrinks, just water.

I also really have to watch my sodium intake. I have begun filling the frypan with some boiling water and boiling my bacon for a bit to remove the excess salt. It is AMAZING how much salt is in there... then fry it as usual. I didn't do it the other day, and hated how salty it was.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

If you are tired of bacon, Coles sells some "Italian" sausages that have around the same carb count as bacon. Try those. Don't get the chevups (skinless ones) because they have MSG.

Sammiejam, who is also a sydney-sider, is rather partial to something called a "mock danish" that you could have for breakfast. The recipe in in the forum here. I'd hold off on that till after induction though, because too much cheese can slow you down.

Oh, and Lucy, update your profie to show that 2 pound loss... your scales will then tell you that you have lost over 14% of required weight to get to goal. That will have to make you feel better.


Sat, Jan-19-02, 21:59

You changed your base weight! I swear! I was sure you said 140 - if not, then my maths sucks. :D

Still 10% is nothing to be sneezed at, especially when you have eaten outside of program.

Keep it up Lucy!

Found this post of Karen's - thought it might help you.
Are you Really a Turtle?
So, You Think You’re a Turtle!

For some people, LC weight loss is smooth and steady. For others, it can be a bit more difficult. At any stage, our plans can be “tweaked”. We eliminate or cut down on certain foods, discover that the sugar alcohols in those two low-carb bars a day are the culprit or realize that dairy products slow us down.

Before you check-in to our Turtle Club, check this list of things that can slow your loss.

Generally people that don’t have a lot of poundage to lose – the 5-20 pound range – lose slower than those with a lot of weight to lose. Percentage-wise, it works out to be the same. If you’re aiming to lose 100 pounds, ten percent would be 10 pounds. If you’re aiming for 10, ten percent would be one pound. On this site, the percentage feature is in every member’s post.

OK, here goes!

1. Have you read the book for, and followed your chosen plan to the letter for at least a month? No digression in the food front at all? No skipping meals?

2. Do you figure out your carbs/calories each day? Do you use a carb counter or a program like fitday.com?

3. Do you regularly drink alcohol? Your body will burn alcohol before it burns fat.

4. Are you scale or Ketostix obsessed? Compulsively weighing or using Ketostix will make the process seem slower and more erratic than it actually is. If you must weight yourself everyday, chart your daily weight and figure out a weekly average.

5. Are you trying to do a low fat version of your chosen plan?

6. Have you been a yo-yo dieter?

People who have severely restricted their calories in the past due to low-fat dieting may find it difficult to lose weight after the initial few pounds. If you have yo-yo dieted, your body will hang on to your fat stores because it thinks you are trying to starve it again. In this case, persistence and upping your calories in the form of fat may help.

7. Are you consuming any or all of these items on a regular basis? If you are, stop consuming them one at a time, for at least a week to see if it initiates weight loss.

Processed meats, including bacon
Cheese and dairy products
Alcohol - alcohol will be burned for fuel before fat
Nuts & Nut Butters
Artificial Sweeteners
Diet Drinks
Protein Bars
Low carb food products that imitate high carb food
Eating a wide combination of food in one day
Overly salty foods? For example pork rinds?

8. Are your calories at least 10 – 12 times your current weight?

9. Are you drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day, plus 8 more ounces for every 25 pounds you want to lose?

After going through this list, contemplate your answers and work out a strategy for yourself. You may not be a turtle, just mis-informed. Learning to low-carb is a steep learning curve. There are no stupid questions.

Don’t be discouraged! Look at overall health and well-being instead of using your plan as a diet just to lose weight. Keep learning about what works for you. You’ll be better able to deal with all the “forks in the road” and “speed bumps” along the way.


Progress, not perfection
Progress, not perfection
Progress, not perfection


Sun, Jan-20-02, 00:34
Remyi! You are absolutely right ! my base weight has changed! Basically, we found out that our scales are a few pounds under-weighing! This is bad news, as it means I have more to lose. Ho hum.

I have cut out jelly & cream- although I still have cream in
my decaf coffee - and have also cut down on my bacon intake.

Kim thanks for the tip on the Italian sausage you spoke about in Coles.

I don't drink diet drinks - I can't stand them - in fact our whole family (apart from our Fanta-hooked 13 yr old) is drinking iced water by the bucketfull - which can't be a bad thing.

I have to say I do miss a nice cold glass of white wine - or even a Southern Comfort. Oh well.

I was thinking of buying some new scales - accurate ones this time - but maybe I won't. I am getting a little too obsessed with them!

Thanks for your support