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Tue, Jan-15-02, 12:02
Diet Jello....right

Tue, Jan-15-02, 12:13
According to the new improved updated book Dr Atkin's came out with around December 2001, aspartame is no longer allowed. Sugar free jello is sweetened with aspartame.

Some people still consume the sugar free jello. Other's have decided to go by the book. Artifical sweeteners are known stallers. They trigger insulin releases even though it is a "false" sugar. Insulin in the blood stream will prevent the burning of fat cells.

Again your mileage may vary from others. You decide with the information given.

Tue, Jan-15-02, 14:28
Hi Blue... I have sugar free jello once in a while but the first couple of weeks during induction I stayed away from it. The first 2 weeks are really important to break the cravings and addictions.
Ellie :wave: