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City Gent
Sun, Jan-13-02, 10:53
Anyone know (or make an educated guess) the carb value of Doner Kebab meat?

Ive been thinking about it (SO much!) and i reckon as it's just lamb, spices, fat it should be ok


Sun, Jan-13-02, 11:13
If it's the "real thing", just meat layered with fat, it would be great.

If it's one of those hulking, pre-formed lugs of mystery meat, I would be wary. Something - and something with carbs - would be required to glue it all together.


Mon, Jan-14-02, 03:10
My boyfriend claims kebab meat (one of those hulking, pre-formed lugs of mystery meat we know & love on a Saturday night!) is the healthiest meat in the world as all the fat & stuff drains off. :confused: However, my boyfriend is also as mad as a badger & sometimes should be physically restrained for his own good! This is the guy that thought that the main foods groups were 'chinese', 'indian', 'pizza' and 'lovely salty chips'! :D

The real question is- could you bear to leave all that chili-&-grease soaked pitta bread? Give it up Steve- you know it makes sense!


City Gent
Mon, Jan-14-02, 06:29
Why does the truth hurt so much???

I reckon they're held together with fat.

Once i've lost a fair bit of weight, i would be prepared to conduct an experiment (on behalf of all low carbers, of course..). And simply eat donner meat (on its own) for my dinner every night for one week, and see what happens to the scales (and my arteries!)

but not just yet....


"I feel like chicken tonight...."

Mon, Jan-14-02, 06:49
I reckon they're held together with bits of eyelash & gristle! Yum!

It's very noble of you to volunteer for this experiment, Steve, but I'm sure you'd explode & take your scales with you! Although the food poisoning would take care of some of the weight, obviously...!