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Sat, Jan-21-06, 20:03
Another 3 minute cake recipe.... but this time, RASPBERRY/WALNUT!!!!

In a small round tupperware container:

Nuke 2oz or so of cream cheese to soften
Stir in one egg
1/3 c of Carbquik
Splash of Vanilla extract
Splash of Heavy Cream
Several splashes of SF Davinci Raspberry Syrup
2 or 3 Tbls of chopped Walnuts

Nuke "cake" for 3 min... maybe a few seconds more if needed....
Sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooodddddddddd

Sun, Jan-29-06, 23:17
Hi pitclerk, thanks for the recipe!! I made it, but forgot to put in the cream...it was a tad dry, maybe that was why! I also didn't have Carbquick, so I used almond meal. But it was bready, and just a little sweet, and it killed my cravings. I'm going to start making it for breakfast, a nice change from eggs, and I can eat it when everyone else is eating donuts!! Thanks again, this recipe is a keeper for me.

Sun, Jan-29-06, 23:38
wow, I just saw this and since it only took 3 min I tried it.

I used ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese
and carmel syrup rather than raspberry

man it it ever good
the variation you could do with this are endless.

thanks for the post

Sun, Feb-26-06, 13:19
Love this! Dh was having a craving... made it as above, but used soy flour...and when it was cooked, poured some of the sf raspberry syrup over it and added whipped cream! Fantabulous!