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Wed, Dec-28-05, 17:39
1/2 cup butter (soft)
4 oz cream cheese (soft)
1 cup granular splenda (or liquid splenda equiv.)
5 eggs room temp
2 t lemon extract
zest of 1 lemon
1/2 t vanilla extract
1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup pecan flour
1 t baking powder

Cream butter, cream cheese and splenda.
Add eggs 1 at a time making sure to beat well between eggs.
Add extracts and zest.
Mix in flours and baking powder.
Bake at 350 until golden brown and firm to the touch. I used cupcakes(made 12) but you can use a loaf pan or 9 in round cake pan (make sure whatever pan you use is oiled).

Wed, Dec-28-05, 18:02
:yum: That sounds so good!

Wed, Dec-28-05, 18:05
It is. My kids and my carb loving DH both ate 2 cupcakes....

Wed, Dec-28-05, 20:29
Now this sounds like somthing right up my alley.. I just loved Demi's lemon loaf from the recipe section so Im sure this will be great.. Going to try this one out on the kids this weekend.. Thank you. :)


Wed, Dec-28-05, 21:20
Mmmmm thats sounds tasty, its on my menu for this weekend. Thanks..

Wed, Dec-28-05, 21:35
sounds delish!

Wed, Dec-28-05, 21:50
The pecan flour - did you purchase this or make your own?

This looks great!!!!!

Thu, Dec-29-05, 06:21
I purchased it. I bet if you grind the heck outta pecans you could do it.

Thu, Dec-29-05, 13:07
what is the nutrition info on this recipe please?

Thu, Dec-29-05, 13:16
No clue. If I have time I will try to plug it into fitday today for ya.

Fri, Dec-30-05, 20:32
I have about 1/2 cup of pecan meal/flour in my fridge right now and this sounds like a great use for it!!

Fri, Jan-06-06, 14:53
Would finely ground almonds work or is there a specific reason for pecans? I really wanna try this with poppy seeds added.

Fri, Jan-06-06, 16:11
YOu can do almonds. I would go with ground as fine as almond flour though..

Mon, Jan-09-06, 09:24
Hi Sherry, just wanted to post some feedback on these. I didn't have the lemon flavoring or pecans ( I forgot them at the store! ) so I just made them with a little more vanilla and almonds. They came out wonderful as a basic muffin. I couldn't think of anything to put in the batter so I just baked them and then smeared some sugar free jam on. Really yummy! This is definately a keeper. I'm going to try out lots of different flavorings.

Thu, Jan-12-06, 11:52
Sounds SO yummy *woot* how many carbs are in 1 "cake" (in a muffin tin? Thanks for the info!! (you and everyone makeing these FAB ideas make me want to cook my DH is also on this WOE so he will love u too) LOL :D

Thu, Oct-02-08, 11:13
thank you for finding this recipe. sue

Thu, Oct-02-08, 11:20
i am planning to make this this wekend. sue

Thu, Oct-02-08, 22:42
i got all the ingridents and then found out tonight i did not get the pecan meal flour. so i will have to buy pecans and grind them up for the recipe. sue

Fri, Oct-03-08, 11:59
i just made this and ate one slice of the cake. it was pretty good. sue

Fri, Oct-03-08, 23:44
For those of you who've made this: estimate of baking times? Preferably for cupcakes? Thanks!

Mon, Oct-06-08, 18:59
i really could not say what the time is- i think i had my reg round cake pan in the oven for 60 minutes baking. sue