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Sat, Dec-15-01, 12:57
Hi there...

I have never been diagnosed as diabetic, although blood sugar problems do run in my family. Last year this time I got really sick. Best guess is that I had a chemical exposure from termite spray.. Either it sent my system over the edge or it was the straw that broke the camels back.. in any case. I still have a few symptoms left


I have two symptoms I have not been able to heal. I have heard they are similar to symptoms diabetics get. I am wondering how others deal them..

1. My feet tingle. Not all the time. I will notice it as it does. It feels like the whole bottom of my foot tingles and feels warm. I worked out today at the gym.. and my feet really got to tingling.. Am i missing a vitamin or mineral etc?

2. My scalp is REAL tight. Everytime I go to get my hair done, my hair cutter tells me I need to do something about it.. it is way to tight.. My hair is growing fine.. and my eyes are not pulled back to my ears.. but still, I was wondering if anyone has had this as well.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated...


Sat, Dec-22-01, 13:54
Dear Roma,

Of course the obvious answer is, "Go see your doctor!" If diabetes runs in your family and you are having symptoms, why mess around? On the other hand, you can do a lot on your own.

If you want some indication of how your body is handling sugars, run down to Wal Mart or CVS drug store and buy a glucometer, some test strips and some wipes. Ask the pharmacist for help. Then check your blood sugar first thing every morning for a week. It should be under 120 (some experts say even lower). If you are 120 or more after not eating all night, you got sugar problems!

If you want to see how your body is handling your meals, check just before eating for a couple days. Your blood sugar should be back down to 120 or less before eating again (but not below 60).

If you want to know how well you are doing a CHOOSING low carb or complex carb foods that won't slam your blood sugar around, check your blood sugar about 1 hour after eating every meal for a few days.

Record all these numbers (some machines will do this for you) with some notes and bring everything to your doctor. Then you'll have some solid information to talk about your condition and possible treatments.

Good luck.

Wed, Dec-26-01, 20:59
Thanks Crash.... for the great info.. I think I will do just as you have shared. I would love to know what my blood sugar levels are...


Mon, Jan-07-02, 14:08
As far as the feet go it sounds like Neuropothy. I have it also. a low carb diet will help the continuation of this. Keep your blood sugar in CONTROL

Mon, Jan-07-02, 15:01
Dear Ramona,

How are you doing? Did you get through the holidays without eating too much pie and passing out from the sugar rush? ;-) Hope you are well and getting the care you need.

Mon, Jan-07-02, 23:17
Hi Rodney 'Crash" <<<< love that!

Yes I made it through the holidays... I made the low carb cheese cake for Christmas and the Pumpkin Pie for New Years...

BUT.. I crashed last friday.. feeling crappy.. and indulged in carbs... :rolleyes:

I did go to the Dr. today.. AND.. he feels my feet situation and my headaches are both neuralgia... caused by compressed vertebrae.. he did an adjustment, gave me a few supplements to use to relax my muscles.. and gave me two pages of stretching houndouts.. and said 'no more heels'... so .. I will be dutiful.. and see how things go...