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Mon, Nov-14-05, 14:42
Well not really..But I have noticed that when I am in alot of muscle pain I run for the nachos, chips, rice crackers, even fatty foods..food food food...maybe it takes my mind off it or perhaps there is something in carbs that affects the brain and nerve messages..like seratonin..whatever..it's as close to emotional eating as it gets for me.
Also, I love on a hill..all the streets downtown are hilly, like San Francisco. I walk my dog twice a day and still I get muscle fatique..It's like wading through water..My lungs feel like bursting from the extra affort and I sometimes feel like throwing up..It just doesn't get easier (I have friends who think they are helpful by telling me to keep at it..exercise will fix me)

Nancy LC
Mon, Nov-14-05, 15:53
If you've got leaky gut you might be experiencing the opiate like abilities of wheat and/or casein.

Tue, Nov-15-05, 08:28
Absolutely carbs affect the neurotransmitters in our brain.

The body is not stupid and we've trained it so well. It knows what to reach for to get a quick fix.

I always had/have muscle fatigue when I go really low carb. No matter how long, not matter how good of shape I'm in.

I will not ever forget the first time I tried to hike again on low carb...I had no clue what was wrong until a long time later. It was not the mountain air because I was totally fatigued before I even got to the first waterfall.

I could do the weight lifitng exercises with ease, but anything aerobic was a struggle.

Once I upped my carbs a little bit, it went away.

Tue, Nov-15-05, 21:29
Yep I had the same experiences and am now dealing with possibly upping my carbs a bit... Yesterday I felt so much better...my carbs were higher... Today I tried to keep them around 30 and I am struggling...mentally and physically...

Wed, Nov-16-05, 06:17
Oddly enough, like I said, I go for the carbs when in pain, and i really believe they have a quick effect but then afterwards I am overcome with fatigue at times, like I am drugged. my stomach bloats and the pain gets worse. it's like running circles...when I stay off the carbs I have more energy and yesterday I hardly had the pain I am used to daily. I sure was craving at times though.

Thu, Apr-06-06, 05:10
I have something similar, but it's more in my mind. If I go zero carb, I get pretty jittery and hyper. It's like a really need even just 5 or 10g of carb just to calm down. I have serotonin issues though. And yes, often after having the carbs (but not always, if I'm careful) I will get all sleepy. But in a good way, it's like relief. So I try and only have carbs after work (when I can afford to be dozy). It helps calm me down for the evening. Once I did zero carb for quite a long time, but now I really can't. Weird. I don't need much, maybe 20g a day or less, but I need something.

Thu, Apr-06-06, 06:52
I really 100% feel your pain. I know what its like to feel like you are dying while everyone around you says 'you look fine'.
i dont think that carbs are the answer, but proper supplementation is. Have you considered a vitamin D deficiency? or gluten intolerance?

theres also 5HTP another supplement that helps fibro patients sleep better or something along those lines. i think it is a precursor to seratonin and helps in the brain. also, st. johns wort helps with moods so that maybe you wont need to run to the carbs to feel better.

i was once like you where any kind of exertion felt like i was going to die. since i found a good doctor who told me that i was iron deficient, vitamin d deficient, and with a candida infection, i have finally begun to feel like im on the top of the world again. I really place a lot of stock in vitamin D and finally getting a long long iron deficiency taken care of.

LIFE DOESNT HAVE TO BE A CHORE! this will get better, with time, patience and proper supplementation!