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Sun, Dec-09-01, 17:19
Does anyone have any idea why I start the day in moderate ketosis, but gradually it declines until at night I am completely negative (this is while on strict induction). Also after exercise in the morning I turn negative. I thought the opposite would happen. Does this matter? Am I still in ketosis? I thought it might be the water intake, but surely I would still be reading a trace? My weight is gradually declining (very slowly mind you) so I am not too concerned at the moment, but I'm not sure whether this is normal for some people.

Sun, Dec-09-01, 20:17
Carrie, many things will effect those test strips; what you've eaten, if you've worked out, how much water you drink, and when you test.

If you get a reading of positive then accept that and don't worry about testing again. Ketosis is ketosis is ketosis; no matter the colour. Lighter is better; negative doesnt mean you're not burning fat. Some people never register on those things and lose weight regardless. Many people following Protein Power have never even heard of them; the Eades give the topic of Ketosis 2 paragraphs in their book. It just isnt that important. If you're losing and your clothing is getting bigger on you that's all that matters.

Testing and getting a positive result can be motivating when starting out. But you'll find as you go along the whole process loses it's appeal; you know this WOE is working by how you feel. Keep eating right, exercising and drinking your water; don't become a slave to a little piece of plastic ;)


Sun, Dec-09-01, 21:11
You are right Nat, I should not be a slave to them, and I think I have been lately. Thanks for your words of wisdom. :)

Sun, Dec-16-01, 18:35
i still use them about every second day for reassurance as i my weight loss is very slow( about 1 kg a month)

if it is not negative i am happy. I also use them to see if certain foods are affecting me. I get very strong results but my sister has never even regesitered on them and she has losed about 10 kg in less time than it has taken me to lose 4. Goes to show everyone is different.

i am not dependant on them like i was to start with, but i still like 'em.