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City Gent
Sat, Dec-08-01, 18:02
I'm planning on starting my new LC way of life on 5th January (for reasons too boring to go into) - I've been reading the boards for a couple of days now, and am about a quarter of the the way through Dr. A's book after 3 days.

I've decided that this time I AM going to stick to a diet that lets me eat my kind of food (although I DO love fruit..hmmm)

I am making sure everything is planned in advance, and i have all the right food in, and none of the wrong food!

Can anyone share their meal idea's with me? Whats a good quick breakfast before work? Whats a nice lunch to take from home? whats a satisfying dinner? I'm sure you know what i'm talking about, and i apologise if youve answered these questions a zillion times before, but hey - we all have to start somewhere!!!

Thanks in advance everyone.


Sat, Dec-08-01, 18:17
City Gent welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for info.

Best bet would be to keep on reading in prep for beginning your "change" in diet. There's lots of articles and helps on this forum (check the home page).

Also, try reading Protein Power or Protein Power for Life if you would like to include more friut in your LoCarb diet--that plan allows for more fruit.

As for ideas re food for lunches and dinners--there are recipes posted in the kitchen/recipe thread and check out the journal section. Tons of ideas there as well.

Good luck as you begin!

Wed, Dec-12-01, 14:15
Hi Steve :wave:

I like the way you are going about this. Read up; get all the information together first; plan your journey into LCarbing; give yourself time to get rid of any carbs in the kitchen cupboards and then be ready AFTER the christmas parties are over.

You do need to give up fruit for the first 14 days whilst on Induction but after that you can introduce it slowly. It won't be as tough as it might seem to start with.

You are guaranteed to be successful.

Take care.