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Mon, Oct-31-05, 02:16
I am wondering about posting in other people journals. There are so many journals with wonderful stories and information and I am wondering is it best to read a whole journal to really see the story or is it okay just to read the last several months to a year and get a read on a person from that. Some of the journals are very long and have evolved quite a bit and it seems to me that the person who posted in 2003 it is not the same person who is posting in 2005 because of his or her journey. Is there any suggestions as to how to read a journal for my own benefit as well as post so that I am contributing something useful to that person now?

Mon, Oct-31-05, 02:53
I doubt it's necessary to read anyone's entire journal, especially the really long ones. :)
One hint I can give you, is to click on "Thread Tools," then click on "Journal Format." Once you have done that, you will only see the posts of the journal holder, thus dramatically shortening most journals.

HTH :)


Mon, Oct-31-05, 03:22
Or alternitively, if you want to look at the most recent posts, then go to the tool bar at the top of every page and click on quick links and select new posts :)