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Sat, Oct-29-05, 19:04
:wave: Hi, new here. I need to get the book that starts you off at 20 carbs then goes to 40?

Sat, Oct-29-05, 19:21
Hi... and welcome. I would get the "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution". I don't know if there's a 'new' one, but I wouldn't get a new one anyways, or one revised since Dr. Atkins died, cause I'm sure the company that bought Atkins out would make revisions that weren't sticking to Atkins original 'vision'.

You are supposed to start out at 20 carbs during the first phase, 'induction'. Then in the next stage, 'ongoing weightloss', you increase your carbs in 5 carb increments every week, until you find what carb level stops you from losing (so you go down to the last 5 carb increment and stay at that level til you lose a determined amount). Then you'd go on to pre-maintenance and then maintenance.

So yeah, "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution" is the book you want. You'll start at 20 carbs, and eventually increase to 40g and beyond, I'm sure.

Good luck :)

Sun, Oct-30-05, 11:01
Look for any of the ones written before his death. Mine is from the '90s (I think??) It's good to avoid the more recent ones as they (Atkins Nutritionals) tries to shove Atkins' candy, bake mixes, etc. down your throat!