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Mon, Oct-24-05, 11:24
I'm on my 4th day of my two week induction. Please tell me that I didn't ruin my ketosis by having a Crystal Light. It has no carbs and no sugars... but it did say that it had some natural flavors (and I had the Kiwi/Strawberry flavor). Thanks. I'm new here!

Mon, Oct-24-05, 12:38
That should be fine ESmith. I have drank a few and they never seemed to be a problem for me. Just dont become reliant on them ... right now you should be trying to break the addiction to sweet things.

Good luck!

Mon, Oct-24-05, 12:41
Thanks so much. I will probably only have one a week... Just needed a break from the H20. I was becoming water-logged.

Mon, Oct-24-05, 12:53
I love Crystal Light but I buy the bottled ones because they have Splenda and the powder has Aspartame. Aspartame stalls me AND gives me pounding headaches.

Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite.

Mon, Oct-24-05, 17:17
I don't believe in Crystal Light. This may be due to tremendous self-doubt.