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Thu, Oct-20-05, 06:44
I notice that I don't ever have any energy...My Type 2 Diabetes, and weight plays a part in that...

I wanted to know what are some good vitamins to take??? Not only for enegy but just in general...

My friend told me about B-12??? Need some advice...

Thu, Oct-20-05, 08:55
If you get a good multivitamin, it will have all your B-Vitamins in it. I use One A Day Essential. Read the labels on your vitamins. A lot of them charge extra to add the words Carb Smart or something similar. The dosages of the vitamins might be the same, though. I generally end up buying the store brand because it is identical to the name brand in dosages.

I also have to be careful because I am allergic to iodine so I read labels so that I don't buy vitamins that have iodine in them.

How long have you been lo carbing. Usually when you get into ketosis, your energy level rises and you feel very energetic.

Good luck!

Thu, Oct-20-05, 09:00
You might try a good multivitamin without iron (unless you have a specific need for iron supplementation - most people don't).

Other vitamins to consider, on top of that, might be additional calcium, potassium, vitamin C, or fish oil. I take an extra 200 mg of vitamin C at night (and the multi in the morning). Some people take huge doses of C, but I have read that the body can't really absorb much more than 200 mg at a time, so anything more than that is kind of a waste.

Thu, Oct-20-05, 09:15
The only time I take large doses of Vitamin C is when I am constipated. Qmass is right. The extra is not absorbed and doesn't help you but you also cannot overdose on C. However, it does have a laxative effect to take extra and helps me when I am irregular. So much more gentle than laxatives also.

Fri, Oct-21-05, 14:38
Magnesium is great for sleep at night and energy during the day. I take 400mg mag glycinate with 300-400mg calcium at night and sleep better. Most of the population are magnesium deficient. Vit C I agree is great stuff too.