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Sun, Oct-16-05, 13:48
I heard someone mention something about the Atkins flu and I'm wondering if that is what is wrong with me. It started about 5 days ago, first it started with a sore throat, then my nose, then I lost my voice. My nose has been congested for days. My voice is finally starting to come back. Unfortunately for me I have felt so horrible, this week was filled with days I could not stay home sick. I'm a nursing student and I had been waiting for the day to see my first aortic valve replacement and bypass surgery. So I could not miss it. I felt like crap and totally fell asleep in the anesthesiologist's chair. Luckily for me he did not notice. I was also having to get up at 3:30 am to get to the hospital. So I don't think that helped me out much either. Could I have the Atkins flu. I wish it would just go away. I have semester finals coming up. :Puke:

Sun, Oct-16-05, 14:17
Sounds more like regular flu to me.....

Sun, Oct-16-05, 16:14
So if it's the regular flu and it figures evertime i try to lose weight I get sick. Then what is the Atkins flu like?

Sun, Oct-16-05, 16:19
I put my daughter on Atkins first start of the summer and she got fever and sore throat,she felt like the worst ever and then lost 20 pounds through the summer........

You have Atkins flu,stick it out it will go away.

Sun, Oct-16-05, 16:35
do you think i've lost too much weight too fast. could that have made me sick? not that it will keep me from keeping on doing what i'm doing.

Sun, Oct-16-05, 17:23
At your wieght i dont think losing fast will make you sick like that.Your body is getting used to the no carb thing and now you are going to be just fine.

Sun, Oct-16-05, 21:18
i hope so, I've been sick I think since Wednesday and I still don't feel like I'm getting much better other than my voice coming back.

Mon, Oct-17-05, 00:40
I was sick for almost the entire first 14 days of Induction. Sore throat, cough, fever...

Feeling absolutely fantastic now!! :)

Hang in there!

Mon, Oct-17-05, 06:20
Where can I read about this Atkins Flu? Or, are you guys just kidding? I started induction 14 days ago and got a sore throat on day 10. I thought I was just getting sick, but I still have a sore throat and no other symptoms. Is this really a sign of your body making changes?

Mon, Oct-17-05, 08:07
I don't think that what you are describing is the "Atkins flu." The term refers to the relatively minor feeling of being run down that many people experience when they first start induction. It's more like a headache, mental fogginess, and lack of energy. It typically goes away in 3 or 4 days.

Of course, anyone can catch influenza or a headcold at any time, including when they start induction.

It's also a bad allergy season this fall, at least here (New England). Everyone I know seems to be sneezing, drowsy, sore throat, watery eyes, etc., whether they are Atkins dieters or not. I think we just need a hard frost (which would also help with the late foliage this year!)

Hope you feel better soon.

Mon, Oct-17-05, 18:12
It always seems to happen to me though. I think the last time I had started Atkins I got the same reaction. It was really weird. But that time since I waited to take care of it I got full blown bronchitis. I always get sick like this when I start. You mentioned you all needed a hard freeze. What's that? LOL It hasn't snowed in San Antonio since 1985. We're lucky if it ever hits below 40. And that is really pushing it. So far I haven't lost anymore weight I've been stuck at 184.5 for a couple days now, hopefully once I get over this bug I'll start losing again. Aiming for 10 more pounds by Halloween.

Mon, Oct-17-05, 19:42
I, too, have a sore throat and feel miserable. But I am in week four of Atkins. I think I just have the crud which is going around here in Louisiana!

Tue, Oct-18-05, 07:56
A hard freeze is when the temperature goes below 32 for a while, killing off all those d*mn plants and their pollens! It is the death of the fall allergy season, and it's very late this year.

OK, here's an excellent induction friendly treat to enjoy - it's called mascarpone parfait, and the recipe is on the Atkins website. Basically, you whip a cup of heavy cream on high speed to soft peaks (about 5 minutes). Then add a tablespoon of Splenda and 8 ounces of slightly softened mascarpone cheese (which is an Italian cream cheese), and whip again on medium until blended (like another 30 seconds). Makes 4 servings, 3 net carbs apiece, very delicious!

Sorrento makes mascarpone cheese - it comes in a plastic tub in the supermarket and can be found near the feta and goat cheese.