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Sat, Oct-15-05, 21:47
Hey everyone and thanks for reading this. I started LC on monday the 10th i think and it was hard at first but once i got past the first couple days i was ok. I had a migraine for the first 3 days and was VERY moody but that went away on the 4th day. This is my first time trying this and im determined to stick to it. I have PCOS and dr said i should really try and stick to a LC diet so i am going to try my best.

I dont weigh AT ALL...i have no idea what i weigh and have no idea what ive lost. Do yall suggest getting a scale? I dont think ive got on a scale in years. I started gaining weight about 4 years ago and had no idea why. I was later diagnosted with thyroid disorder and then about a year after that with PCOS. Im really hoping this helps with my problems and maybe even helps me to get pregnat. PCOS causes infertitliy but i have heard that maybe once you lose weight you could get pregnat. Anyone know anything about this?

Also i just want any advice anyone can give me! Ive done pretty good do far but the first 2 days i ate alot of cabboge and hamburger meat. It was this recipe i had and i thought it was LC but come to find out it wasnt as LC as i thought. Since then i havnt eaten anything bad though. Any suggestions anyone can give me i will appreciate it very much.

Also i want to know if its OK for me to drink diet dr pepper. It has no carbs but i have read that its not good to drink it. I have limited myself to 1 a day but like last night we went out to eat and i drank 2 in 1 day. Is this ok or should i cut it out all together?

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me! Im new and can use any info available.

Sat, Oct-15-05, 22:04
The first time I did this diet, I didn't use a scale until I had gone from a size 54 to size 50 pants.

I do use a scale now, but it's not passive. I tell my body to loose 1% of it's weight per week. I'm rarely if ever on target, but the visualization of how I would look, move, feel, sound, think, eat, etc. if I were 1% of my current weight closer to my goal helps.

Scientific studies suggest, but have not proven, that diet soda leads to weight gain. See the October issue of Family Circle (Current issue is November, so check your local library). Some people theorize that the sweeteners cause cravings for carbohydrates. My advice is that a diet high in meat and low in fruit tastes better if you avoid overly sweet items. One can get the carbonation of soda without the sweetness by using carbonated water, such as Lacroix. I'm addicted to bubbles, not sweetness.

Obesity is related to PCOS through the key of insulin resistance. A low carbohydrate diet won't cure insulin resistance, but it will make insulin resistance less important. No one can guarentee that you'll get pregnant, but as you loose weight you should notice your periods become more periodic, less random. You diet should also clear up the skin discoloration common with PCOS. I have known people who have had PCOS, had unprotected sex for years, and then suddenly got pregnant after even minor weight loss. If your goal is to avoid pregnancy, do not consider birth control pills. They will mess up your weight loss, kill your sex drive, and possibly cause long-term health issues.

What's up with cabbage? Remember, a "net carb" is a the total carbohydrates minus the fiber. The reason is that fiber is non caloric. I don't like cabbage, so I've never seen a nutrional analysis of the stuff. The only time I touch it is when it's served at Applebees, because the containers are very small and there's not a lot of mayonaise... but even then I stick to less then an eight of a cup. Hey, it least it wasn't a banana.

Sat, Oct-15-05, 22:14
WELCOME!!!! you have came to the right place for help and support!!! this forum is what keeps me going everyday!!!! PCOS....is that polycystic ovarian? if so......good news.....atkins REALLY helps with this!!! my friends sister has that and she committed to Atkins and boom...cured and has 4 children now!!!! not to mention she has lost lots of weight and is healthier than ever!!!!
about scales.....I am visual so I like to have my scales!!! However, I find taking and keeping track of my measurments is more reliable!!! and motivating too cuz the inches just fall off!!!
as far as the diet pop.....it really stalls weight loss in alot of people but I find that I can drink one diet pepsi a day and I do fine!!! lots of water is VERY key!!!
best of luck to you on your journey and come here often for encouragement and support!!
I just started a journal and I highly recommmed it!!! that way people can come and visit you and offer advise too!!!
good luck!!!! :wave:

Sat, Oct-15-05, 22:37
Yes PCOS is the polycystic ovarian synodrome. I dont have it horrible...and since i started my med for it my periods have been regular. I have none of the site affects except weight gain though. Im hoping and praying through the LC plan i can possible get preg in the next couple years. Im really excited about doing this though and i think i will accomnplish somthing. My only prob is i dont work out ever. I am going to start but havnt so far. Does everyone have a workout routine daily? I am drinking around 80 onces of water a day and 1 diet soda. I will try and quit the diet soda though eventually.

Thanks for your help and advice....im trying to continue to learn new things!

Sat, Oct-15-05, 23:09
DaniV, the claim of most low-carb diets (Rosedale, NeanderThin, etc). is that you don't have to work out, although you can if you want to. The key to weight loss is lowering ones set point. According to some people, this is controlled by the hormone leptin. You inject rats with leptin, they eat less. The thing with humans is that obese humans have an overload of leptin. Eating less carbohydrates and more fats restores leptin sensitivity. One tool many people advocate is FitDay.com. Try eating a carnivore diet, or at least one that is over 75% fat (mine's only 67% fat by calories), and notice how little you actually eat, both in terms of volume and calories.

A good way to think of it is the stereotype about Chinese food... you're hungry an hour later, but the starches in the noodles, sauces, etc. have already been broken down into glucose and, more than likely, been reassembled as saturated fat in somewhere in your body.

A good rule for water is one ounce per kilogram of body weight. It may seem like a lot, but remember you've been under-using your kidney as a sugar burner and over-using your pancreas. As you shift from sugar burning to fat burning mode, your body is going to take a lot more water to complete metabolism. Just don't drink too much during meals. Avoiding excess salt can help (especially as much grocery-store meat is pre-injected with a saline solution to increase weight and flavor).

Mon, Oct-17-05, 13:40
Today marked one week that i have been LC and i finally got up enough nerve to go get a scale and weigh myself. I lost 12 pounds this week, so that gave me some security that i was doing this right. since i started all i could think about was that i was probably not going lose any weight. So im proud of myself and we will see what happens in 1 more week. Thanks for everyones help!

Mon, Oct-17-05, 21:24
WOW - 12 pounds!!!!

:hyper: :cheer: :hyper: :cheer: :hyper: :cheer: :hyper: :cheer:

You're doing great!

Can I suggest to you a few things?

1 - start a journal so people can come visit you and so you can express your thoughts and feelings and even keep track of what you're eating by putting in your menus

2 - decide what plan you're going to follow and pick up the corresponding book and read it (and even read it again) so that you know what you should be eating, etc.

exercise - you don't have to but it helps. Personally, I don't do an organized exercise plan of any kind (always planning to start "some day") and I've lost over 40 pounds so far. I do get a lot of exercise, IMO, with just day-to-day stuff but I know that exercise would be an excellent thing for me to be doing to help my weightloss and to be healthier, too.

In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with diet soda as long as it helps you stay on plan and you make sure you're drinking water, too. I've found that when I'm drinking at least 2 litres of water a day I don't even "need" soda. I really, honestly don't want it.

Good luck to you and keep at it! Also, good luck with getting pregnant. Oh, there's an area of the forum for PCOS sufferers that you might want to check out as well :)