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Freds Mom
Thu, Oct-13-05, 09:10
When and how much mayonnaise can I use?

Thu, Oct-13-05, 11:56
Mayonaise has only got 0.1g of carbs per tsp. so it is pretty safe to use. Might want to check the label on the particular brand you buy, though, just in case.

Dr. Atkins recommends it as one of the condiments that is acceptable to use.

Sat, Oct-15-05, 23:51
In 1999, when I was on Atkins for about two and a half weeks, I think the mayonnaise was one of the things that blew it for me. Then again, I was on Atkins before I had stalled for eight weeks on NeanderThin, so perhaps nothing would have worked to get me below 240.

I was afraid of mayonnaise because although it is low in carbs, it's high in calories and those calories seem pretty empty. In the past few years, the public has become more sophisticated about fats, though. In the past two months, I've become more sophisticated, too. I make my own mayonnaise out of oils that are "heart healthy." Olive oil, mainly, but I've also tried hazelnut oil to good effect. I want to try a recipe that includes coconut oil, as the olive oil and hazelnut oil mayonnaises tend to be thin compared to commercial mayonnaise.

Sun, Oct-16-05, 02:56
Here is a link to the the rules for Atkins Induction. The first stage of Atkins. I hope this helps you.


Sun, Oct-16-05, 04:12
Before Atkins, I hated mayo for its fattiness. But now I love it in egg, chicken, and tuna salads, and as a dip for grilled fish when mixed with curry/cumin/dill or other herbs and spices. As long as you are not using it with carbs, a heaping tablespoon or two a day shouldn't hurt much. I have found that a little goes a long way too.