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Mon, Oct-10-05, 11:11
I was on the low carb diet five years ago. Over a three year period I lost 55lbs. Unfortunately I let myself go and stopped dieting and gained the weight back :(. I feel like an idiot for throwing it all away. Now I'm back and doing it again, unfortunately it seems the weight doesn't come off nearly as easy as last time. A nutritionist told me "You can fool your body once, but not twice." Does this mean I can't get results on the low carb diet again. I really enjoyed the lifestyle I led back then (I was healthier anddefinitly happier). I desperately want to be that person again. Can I?

Tue, Oct-11-05, 00:42
YES you can, its true if you play yo yo with your metabolism that there might be some resistance there, but that doesn't mean you won't lose. You may find that it will take a little longer to get started, but it will start. Just pursavere you'll get there.

Tue, Oct-11-05, 00:52
Yep, this is how I feel as well. Reached my goal weight last year... Went on holiday and got very comfortable with the weight loss and goal, so I let things go again.

And now it just doesn't seem to be happening :(