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Wed, Sep-28-05, 09:55
Hi everyone I'm new to the forum but not low carb diet. I was wondering if anyone knew why I wake up with a headache every morning since starting the diet. Has anyone else experienced this? My husband says its because of lack of carbs...could that be the problem?

Wed, Sep-28-05, 09:57
Carb withdrawal or caffeine withdrawal (if you are avoiding caffeine). It is normal to have a headache and will go away when your body adjusts.

Hope you feel better real soon!

Wed, Sep-28-05, 11:26
Mostly likely it's withdrawal from either sugar, caffeine, wheat or all of them. Try drinking more water also - being dehydrated can make headaches worse. Hope you are feeling better soon. :D

Wed, Sep-28-05, 11:32
Withdrawl from sugar is going to happen so just hang in there and in about a week or so you will get a surge of energy you wont believe. Good luck to you.

Wed, Sep-28-05, 20:00
You said you are not new to low carb, so I'm assuming its not from induction and withdrawl. I just recently started adding carbs back into my diet, and I started gettin pounding headaches. It seems anything that has actual sugar in it causes a pounding headache. I had a "honey glazed" porkchop (I didn't know it was honey glazed until it was too late) that did me in a few days ago. I just stick with veggies, and a little bit of fruit (too much gives me headaches).

Thu, Sep-29-05, 08:10
thanks everyone. Last time I was on atkins I did not drink enough water. I drank a lot of diet Dr Pepper. I don't remember feeling the headaches. Anyway I guess it a combination of lack of caffeine and carbs that are causing the headaches.
But now I have new problems. I weighted myself at my in-laws a week and a half ago (I don't have a scale in the house because I obsessed over it...so I canned it) and I went back yesterday night and weighted myself again and guess what....I HAVE NOT LOST A POUND!!!!! I am sooo depressed and really would like go eat a big bowl of FROSTED FLAKES....mmmmmm!!!! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!!!