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Wed, Sep-14-05, 15:18

I just got Jillian Michael's new book (from the Biggest Looser show) and am anxious to get started. However, in figuring out my food plan by the specifications for my body type, I am supposed to get 50% of protein a day. For a 1400 calorie day, that would mean 175g protein for me. I have no idea how to plan a day approximating 175g protein, 47g fat, and 70g carbs. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm kind of annoyed that she went to this length to tell me the proportions of food to eat, but no idea how to get there!

Thanks so much in advance,

Wed, Sep-14-05, 15:50
The only way I can think of is to read labels to get an idea of what works. From watching the show, I would guess she is focusing on lean proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, pork/beef tenderloin, ground sirloin, etc. I also think most seafood would qualify if it is prepared correctly.

I am sure someone can recommend a website that lets you journal and counts these things for you. That might be helpful as well.

Wed, Sep-14-05, 19:24
Katy--go up to the top of the page and click on the link MY PLAN in the right hand corner. This is a program that lets you log all the food you eat, custom foods that may not be on the extensive list and a place to compute the nutrients of recipes. It will breakdown the fat, carb, protein, fiber counts for you. Good Luck!!! There is also a place to log exercise.