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Thu, Nov-29-01, 17:20

I've been on atkins for almost 2 years now. I reached my goal weight about 8 months ago and have maintained it so it's not as if my weight loss was recent or sudden.

Almost 2 months ago I started losing handfuls of hair and I understand that others on this diet have too. I'm taking biotin, L cysteine and lecithin and a goo multi. My question is how long does this typically last. I've also heard the hair grows back better than before. Anyone else experience this. I'm so depressed about this.

LC Sponge
Thu, Nov-29-01, 17:30
I'm surprised it's happening this late.... Normally it is a reaction to a dramatic change in diet.... there usually isn't such a lapse between diet change and reaction... but then again.

If it IS diet related you might expect it to last anywhere from a month to 6 months. I experienced it just as you describe - about 8 months into Atkins. I started 1000 units of biotin a day and continue still, even tho the loss stopped ages ago.

If I were you, I would examine other recent changes that might be a cause, and then weather the storm.

I know it scared the living daylights out of me when it happened.!

Thu, Nov-29-01, 17:41
Filmnoire, there have been past discussion on this subject, one of which always come to mind. I have included a link to the thread for your information. http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13389&highlight=Hair+AND+loss

This is an article in "Low Carb Luxury" dealing with Hair Loss, It is very detailed and should help you. http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/newsletter/lclnewsvol02-no07.html#letters

This kind of thing ususally happens 3 - 4 months after a stressful or traumatic event; so you're a little on the late side ;) Have there been any other stressors in your life since the weight loss?

Read down to the end of the letter at LCL, there are some supplements listed that might make a difference.


Thu, Nov-29-01, 19:01
I went to the link and read the response and I feel somewhat better now. My hair started to fall out 3 weeks prior to my finding out that I was down to 1/3 of my blood supply due to bleeding ulcers and I was transfused. I was assured the hair loss would have stopped a few weeks ago but it's still happening so I attributed it to low carb when I started reading others posts. I still would love to hear from others as to how long it personally lasted for them. Losing hair is a scarey thing and our hair is really tied to our self esteem.

well I've always wanted to see how I'd look as a blonde so perhaps this is my opportunity.

thanks all!

Tue, Dec-04-01, 14:47
Thats Victoria and Nat for the info....see after my son was born 5 yrs ago I had a hair loss problem which of course is common. It seemed to go on for about a year tho. Finally the last couple yrs I noticed my hair was getting slighly thicker then wammooooo... lol 3 or 4 months after low-carbing I had handfuls of hair again. So far its being going on about 4-5 months. Its not noticable to anyone else...YET so I hope it turns around soon. Things I have changed over the last couple months is my water intake, lethicin and just started taking biotin. So we shall see how this works.

Tue, Dec-04-01, 15:43
well it seems as if this is more difficult than I imagined.

I really wish some more people would post their experiences and how long it took before it stopped for them.

As I get down to the remining 100 hairs on my head it looks as if it will come down to a decision. Stay at my current weight which I'm happy at and buy a wig or get off this diet and hopefully have my hair loss stop and put back on the weight. The fact that we don't get the vitamins and enzymes from fruits and B vitamins, etc. from wheat products must have something to do with it.

I've been taking the biotin, multi, l-cysteine, lecithin for a few weeks now and it hasn't slowed it down at all yet. at this point I'd be happy if it just stopped. I can live with things as they are now even though I mourn for my thick hair :confused: :cry:

Tue, Dec-04-01, 16:58
Its a hard call I had thought about that too.....going back to carbs BUT I know for ME in the long run I would be even more miserable. Its a personal choice. Good luck.

Wed, Jan-02-02, 13:18

I also lost alot of hair but I am doing the Bernstein diet...I was told that this happens to only 2-4% of people....From the people that I have spoke to the %age is much higher....I was told to take Bari Effa which you can find in any health food store...Because the diet is so stressful on the body and the allowance of oils and fats is not restricted it will show substantially in your hair...I suggest conditioning your hair and even putting Vitamin E oil in your hair once aweek and allowing it to soak in...Good luck, hope this info is helpful!

Wed, Jan-02-02, 16:45

Thanks for your response. I thought I had heard of everything but Bari Effa is a new one for me. Do you know what it is? Is it helping? I ordered a shampoo called thymuskin (costs a fortune-supposed to regrow hair-I'll letr you know how it didn't work :-) and I take about 12 other things including now silica and thymus extract

Wed, Jan-02-02, 17:57
I just wanted to mention to those of you who might not be aware of this......hypothyroid can cause hair loss as well (I am just recovering from a palm size bald spot right on the top of my head :() so if you haven't had your thyroid levels checked recently and you are losing hair despite taking supplements, that may be worth checking into.

Wed, Jan-02-02, 18:04
Yes, I've heard low thyroid can cause hair loss. I've had mine tested and it's okay so something else is going on. I can't understand why the diet is such a shock to the system as I eat lots of veggies, protein, maybe not enough fat and no sugar. One doctor friend told me to make sure I was eating enough protein and I had to laugh. That's the extent of most doctor's knowledge on the subject. I wonder if it's actually a b vitamin deficiency due to the lack of wheat which is where I used to get my b vitamins. At any rate, I still think my diet is healthier now then when I lived on bagels and pasta.

This is the product I ordered. I am in no way affiliated with them. At this point I was ready to try just about anything regardless of the cost. I should have it any day. It supposedly takes two months to work but I'm also taking thymus extract internally. I will report back in a month or so if I see any difference

Sun, Jan-13-02, 10:47
hi everyone,it happen to me at the beggining now it stop, i took supplement called viviscal, you might want to look into it it worked for me.

Sun, Jan-13-02, 17:46
Hi annalabeba

can you tell me how long this supplement took to work before you noticed the hair growth?


Thu, Mar-21-02, 21:26
if you're concerned abour hair loss.. i would try reading books like "prescription for nutrition healing" or books by gary null. Gary Null was able to get people who were balding (like himself) to go into reverse. BUT im warning you... he's a vegetarian. im pretty sure he's actually against the atkins diet BUT maybe you can find out what supplements you need to take. i would take some multivitamins that are made from whole foods- from veggies, not the synthesized or whatever they're called.
good luck!

Fri, Mar-22-02, 09:34
I have noticed since the begining of Feb., that my hair loss has decreased quite a lot. I cant really see much new growth yet but at least Im not losing any more. My hair loss lasted about 6 months and started about 3-4 months after I started low-carbing. I cant really think of anything different I had done the month previous to the loss slowing down...I had been taking biotin, and lethicin for a long time. The only thing different I did was add extra magnesium supplements, which I didnt think aided in preventing hair loss but maybe it did.

Fri, Mar-22-02, 09:40
well I have lost so much weight on Atkins I'm sure it contributed to my hair loss. It's been about 5 months now for me. It was really bad for the first 4 months and has slowed down a bit. There will be da6ys where I think it has stopped and I get all excited and then 2 days later it starts falling again so I don't get it. I don't see any new growth either. I hope like you it stops soon. I do have a wig as a back up and I wear these hair extensions that clip on and help a little. I'm disappointed with myself that my quest to be thin led to this and that I can't stop the diet as I know it's due to this.

Fri, Mar-22-02, 10:03
I looked at your profile and your start weight is where I am now and we are the same height?! Wow I wonder if U are lacking vitamins? Are U extremely smalled boned? At 110 , I would think U must be very thin, and I wonder if not having enough body fat is one reason for your hair loss?

Fri, Mar-22-02, 14:08
well, I am 5'6" and weigh 108. I'm definitely too thin and would qualify myself as having an eating disorder (sort of along the lines of anorexia) as I am unable to convince myself to gain weight. I eat about 1600 calories a day and take EFAs and a multi. I don't focus on fat and eat fairly low carb, mostly egg whites, chicken, fish and salads and Atkins bars so probably about 25-50 carbs a day (depending on how you count the atkins bars). If I started eating breads and pasta again I'd probably get back to my original weight of 130 in a few weeks but psychologically, like an anorexic, I can't convince myself. I'm not trying to lose more weight but I like it where I am. I am dealing with this though with a therapist, but it's hard.

Fri, Mar-22-02, 16:50
im sorry to hear about the eating disorder. i just want to say that we at this board will be as supportive to you as possible. i hope the therapist can help, too. =) why do we have to deal with this?!
i think i have an eating disorder, but basically that food is just on my mind more often than it should be. i hate having to think about it all the time, it leads to stress, which probably leads me to gain weight!
i figure when i finally lose the weight that ive put on, ill try to be sensible, eat how i used to eat, everything in moderation (but of course, still eat mostly healthfully). there will then hopefully be no need for me to binge on something ive been not allowing myself for a long time.
i wish you the best and i hope you are feeling better soon. if you can, eat the yolks in the eggs. there are so many great nutrients in there, and it wont make you gain weight (*maybe bring you to a healthier weight?)

Fri, Mar-22-02, 17:36
Hi Monika- thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. I too have always had difficulty figuring out when I was full. I seem to have a pattern though. With the atkins I used to eat lots of fat and not worry about calories and I lost weight. then I kind of plateud. Then I found that eating fewer than 2200 calories was what I needed to lose more weight. then I went in the hospital and lost more weight (unrelated to diet). I found that I finally had achieved the body I wanted but my hair started falling out. I also lost way too much weight from my face but still it seemed that being finally skinny superseded the other things. Other than the hair loss I am quite healthy and I wish I could just gain weight on my face but we all know how that goes. I don't think my body looks too thin, it's just that I;ve always had a super thin face to begin with so people really notice it now that I've lost the weight. So I have this dilemma that I'm trying to resolve. I love the diet and feel like I eat enough calories and don't really miss the carbs too much thannks to the atkins bars but you are probably right, I'm not getting enough fat which is why I supplement with essential fatty acids. Thansk again and good luck to you too