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Fri, Sep-02-05, 13:18
i finally got over the nausea (still no appetite) and a nasty bout of diarrhea. now my skin, which is usually on the oily side, is now very dry and flaky. i am drinking plenty of water, so it is not that. in the past i have found low-carb to make my skin very smooth and healthy. any suggestions?

Fri, Sep-02-05, 14:27
My answer to dry skin is fish oil, or Omega 3s. Don't know what would be different for you this time, though.

Sat, Sep-03-05, 08:08
I'm with cs_carver. I would recommend some flax seed oil too, but the fish oil (capsules) are much cheaper. Some people also swear by coconut oil as a remedy for skin conditions.

Sun, Sep-04-05, 09:55
coconut oil taken internally or used as a lotion? i just added coconut oil for cooking and as a supplement. i'll see if i notice a difference.

thanks for the flaxseed suggestion. i did use to take them. maybe that is the difference. i can't take the fish oil. it repeats on me the whole day. blech!

Sun, Sep-04-05, 10:11
Both would probably be beneficial if you could afford it! If not, I would check out some neat recipes on here that would allow you to take it internally without having to take a few spoons full, unless you don't mind it.

Sun, Sep-04-05, 10:49
Take vitamin B and E in addition to your multivitamin and check on fitday.com to see if you are getting all the nutrients you need in your day. I was surprised to see I wasn't getting enough K and alot of vitamins you must have when I entered what i was eating into fitday.

Mon, Sep-05-05, 06:46
I burp the cheap fish oil from Sam's, but do much better with the more expensive stuff from the Life Extension Foundation. My doctor said that flax actually doesn't get absorbed very well--you may need to take a lot more than you think of that. I was taking 10 flax oil caps and was able to replace them with 4 fish oil caps with the same effect.