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Fri, Aug-26-05, 11:02
This is a recipe of my own - the result of tweaking several instant bread type recipes available on different boards. It's very popular, though I say so myself, and works every time, unlike many bread machine recipes. It tastes a bit like Irish wholemeal bread.

Microwave Bread
70 gms Ground Almonds
30 gms Ground Linseeds
10 gms Bran (Jordan's is the lowest carb)
3/4 t Baking Powder
1/8 t Salt
2 crushed Splenda tablets

25 gms melted butter
2 beaten eggs
3 Tablespoons Kefir (or buttermilk, natural yoghurt or cream)

Mix the wet ingredients and then add the dry. Mix swiftly, but well. Use a plastic lunchbox and cook in the microwave on high (category D) for 3 minutes - it should be dry on top. Cool on a wire rack and then slice from side to side, creating 5 thin slices or 4 thicker ones.
Delicious in a sandwich or toasted use the grill and not the toaster for this as the slices are a bit more delicate than normal bread.

Here's the link to the photo - oh, and the entire recipe is about 11 carbs.

Babs, I started a new thread as we were talking about bread under orange sour cakes. :o

I put your recipe into Fitday ready for my next loaf. Mine worked out at 14 carbs (different bran), 3 per slice but about 230 calories a slice at 5 slices.

I haven't got my head round this calorie thing yet. I am still low calories low carb. I'm hoping to drop off the last few stubborn pounds (10) of fat and get back to normality fast.

Do you know how many calories you eat per day to maintain your weight? I suppose I'm kind of fearful of upping the calories. Maybe I will post in another forum and see what sort of calorie intake most people are on. I would love to increase my calories and still lose but .... :(

Fri, Aug-26-05, 13:38
I never count calories at all, Gay - I use LC to control my diabetes, which it does perfectly without any meds. I suppose you can't take me as any kind of an example as I've been stalled for months and if I was on this for weight loss, I would have been in the depths of depression and probably JUMPED off the wagon.
However, although I would love to think calories don't matter, I am wise enough to know that they do, ultimately - it's a YMMV type of thing and if those last 10lbs are crucial to you, you may have to make the necessary adjustments to your intake. The point that I think to be important is: can you live for the rest of your life on a particular regime? If not, then losing the weight is only one small element in the battle of the bulge. Food for thought ....
Babs :)

Fri, Aug-26-05, 13:50
Sigh - I hear what you're saying. I am in limbo at the moment, waiting to see what sort of loss I get over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Then I have to decide whether to say low calorie and try and crack those last few pounds or ease off and go at it a bit more slowly.

After my calorie 'allowance' today I got on the elliptical and burned 200 more calories so I could go back and have a peice of 'Rob Slaters Angel Loaf' with 6 blueberries and some creme fraiche. My carbs ended at 33 which is a bit sad as I'm trying to keep to 20. Still I went swimming this morning and my monitor which I've had on since 8.30am now shows 1300 calories expended. Allowing for an average of 40 per hour as 'normal', I should be 800 extra calories burned off today so I'm hoping the carb count is good enough! I've eaten 1100 calories so I don't feel too guilty about the cake :D :yum:

Wed, Aug-31-05, 13:07
Hi Babs! :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that I finally tried your bread recipe! Thank you so much, it is very good!

I have put off making it because I didn't have a plastic lunch box and just never ran into one when out shopping. However, recently I have been making a version of the Bowl Muffin recipe to make bread with flax, egg, and lc bake mix (all the disgusting stuff that I have had in the freezer forever because it was so nasty... in the bm bread it is awesome... can't taste the yuckyness at all). I have been enjoying the bm bread (that is sooooo wrong :lol: ) in so many different ways, it has such a wonderful flavor, it really fills me and curbs my appetite, and it allows me to get in my flax... so... I decided to just go ahead and experiment with your recipe even though I didn't have a plastic lunch box... I didn't want to continue to miss out just because I didn't have a plastic lunch box.

The first batch, I made in one of the rectangular ziploc containers... the second batch I made in the sandwich size square ziploc container. I could only get four slices out of the first batch... haven't tried to cut the second batch yet but I may be able to get 5. I used an electric knife and it made the process sooooo much easier. Although, I wish I had some sort of guide so that I could get uniform slices. (I have a design in my head... maybe I can talk my husband into making me one out of wood.) Do you have any tips on how to get the slices even and uniform?

It is VERY delicate. I cut one slice in half and smeared liverwurst on one half... mmmm good. I put 1.5 slices in the toaster oven on about 225 to see if it will crisp up (the bm bread will crisp to a cracker consistency). One slice I cut in half and made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich....mmmm...mmmm... good! I am soooo tempted to go eat the last piece with some cheese or more liverwurst. I think that is going to be the real disadvantage... I seem to be craving more and think I could eat the whole loaf if I allowed myself. Can't wait to try it for cheese toast in the morning!
Everyone should try it!!! It is so simple, quick, and easy!

Thanks again, Babs!


Wed, Aug-31-05, 13:56
Hi Phyllis,
I'm glad you liked the loaf - and I tried a BM version just last night and you're right, it's more robust than mine, but I like the extra fibre/grainy taste in mine, too.
I do have a knack for cutting and I will try to explain. I let the loaf cool, then lay it on the counter on a piece of kitchen roll (using a cake turntable might help you get the knack in the beginning). Then I start cutting and turning at the same time, watching the depth as I go.
When toasting this bread, I use my grill (broiler to you?) to do both sides and not my toaster - it's then ideal for pate, a bit like melba toast. And soldiers with boiled eggs - hope you know what I mean :) LOL. I find that I can't eat too much of it because it's very filling - must be all the protein.

Wed, Sep-07-05, 18:10
Hi..Saw this recipe last night and made it this morning,
I have to confess to being cynical as I tossed it in the microwave to do its thing..but was pleasantly surprised!!
For convenience,taste and texture..I have to give it a 10/10! :thup:
So THANKS for a very easy and 'to be repeated again' recipe!!! :yum:

Thu, Sep-08-05, 06:15
Good Morning Babs,

Just wanted to say Thanks again! I have been making cheese toast with your bread and it is soooooo wonderful. I think I actually prefer cheese toast with your bread as opposed to white bread.

I saw a cooking show the other day that suggested using toothpicks to help cut a cake into even layers... just a thought for others... I think I will try this method next time I try to cut your bread into even slices because I still haven't mastered the technique.

Thanks again!


Thu, Sep-08-05, 08:37
I wonder if you turned the loaf on its side and cut it that way would it help? I've also baked this in a small pyrex loaf tin and cut the slices in a normal way - they are small then, I know, but chunkier and just as tasty.