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Thu, Nov-15-01, 14:15
I have found a pudding that you can buy from Sainsbury's. It not exactly induction material but it satisfies the most ardent cravings.

sainsbury Thick Whipped Cream, with caramalised orange and southern comfort, 3 grams of carbs per 30 ml serving. That's just enough with a dash of peanut butter. It so wonderful.

Sat, Feb-02-02, 08:24
Hi Cheeks

I am not far away from you in Lincs. That pudding sounds delicious but I haven't found it yet in Sainsburys!
Are you still low carbing?


Sun, Feb-03-02, 12:22
Sounds good - I haven't found it yet. I have started shopping online at Sainsburys so will look for it again. I am just coming off induction so I better not go crazy on puddings, but it's good to have a treat soon. I've actually been very good this time at sticking to induction and not had sugar for four weeks, not so good with white flour etc, but still trying!