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Tue, Nov-13-01, 22:09


I checked DH's meds today and I was wrong. He does NOT take glucophage any more...he is on "Glucotrol XL" 10mg 2X. In addition, he takes Actos 45mg 1X. Does anyone know if LCing is affected by these drugs??

Also, for BP, he takes Metoprolol 50mg 2X and Cozaar 50mg 2X. I went to the PDR and tried to read up on these drugs...but its all "greek" to me. One of them had something to do with potassium, so should he NOT take a supplement while on these.

He just had a complete work-up 2 weeks ago, so he would like to complete Week 3 of LCing before going back. (Hoping for substantial improvement). :) I know these are all questions that should be direct to his dr (and will be)...but I'd like to be a little better informed next time.

I don't know if its possible after only 2 full days of LCing, but his blood sugar tonight was 124!! This is the first I've seen it under 180 in 10 years! I'm in the middle of reading Dr. Bernsteins book and it appears around 105 is the # to shoot for. Is this correct or do I need to keep reading ???? Funny, 10 years of Type II and no one has ever told us what the #s should be....only that it should be under 200.

You guys are all awesome....Thanks for all the help :cheer:


doreen T
Wed, Nov-14-01, 00:20
Low-carbing isn't affected by the drugs ... but the effects of the drugs are going to change as the blood sugar improves and blood pressure comes down too. These are going to need close watching. He might be able to come off some of his meds, which would be great!

Glucotrol ... is an Oral Hypoglycemic Agent (OHA), of a class of drugs called sulfonureas. Dr. B discusses OHA's in chapter 14, pages 191 to 197. He specifically discusses sulfonureas on page 192, about 2/3 of the way down the page ... he has nothing good to say about this class of drugs. They work by forcing the pancreas to pump out more insulin. They do NOT make the cells more sensitive to the insulin. High insulin levels mean increased fat-making and fat-storage ... and the potential for hypoglycemia to occur. It will be really good if your husband can get off these ... and low-carbing will help. He will need to be very, very careful to prevent hypoglyemia. Eating smaller meals more frequently, and make sure there is some protein with every single meal or snack tol prevent the blood sugar from going too low. It might be wise to plan an evening snack with protein, to prevent overnight hypoglyecemia.

From what I can find about it, Glucotrol XL is usually only prescribed when sugars can't be controlled by diet alone. It might be wise to move that dr's appointment a little sooner ... especially since his blood sugars are already responding favourably to the low-carb diet. Maybe his dosage could be cut in half ... that would be great! Make sure to take the second dose hr before the evening meal, not after. And don't crush or chew .. the pill has a special coating so that it won't dissolve until it reaches the intestine.

Actos (pioglitazone) works similar to the Metformin (Glucophage) that Ruth mentioned previously. It is also very much like Troglitazone, which Dr. B. discusses in the same chapter 14. This class of antidiabetic drug DOES help to make the cells more sensitive to insulin. It does NOT make the pancreas pump out more insulin, and so there's no fat-storage. It prevents the liver from producing so much glycogen sugar too, and even decreases the production of triglycerides.

These two antidiabetic drugs together will be helpful along with LC'ing .. to get his sugars down for good. But he will need to be very careful, and work closely with the dr. to decrease the doses as his sugars continue to improve.

Cozaar is the one that can make the kidneys retain some potassium. Not a lot, but it would be wise to not use the potassium salt substitute or supplements with potassium, until you've discussed with the dr. Make sure to get adequate water intake. The diuretic nature of low-carbing along with the blood pressure-lowering effect of the Cozaar can lead to the BP getting too low. This is another drug it would be nice if he could reduce the dose or go off at some point, when the dr. approves of course.

Metoprolol is a commonly used beta-blocker, for blood pressure control and it helps to improve the contraction of the heartbeat, so will help the pulse to slow down a little. One site suggested that metoprolol may contribute to poor control of diabetes. Another thing ... one of the warning signs of a hypoglycemic attack is a fast pulse rate. Since metoprolol slows the heart a bit, it might mask this sign. Keep a close watch on the blood sugars.

Is your PDR the physician's or the family guide? Healthsquare.com has the Family Guide online, and it's much more reader-friendly. :) .. Here are links to your specific drugs: Actos (http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/ACT1535.HTM)
Cozaar (http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/COZ1104.HTM)
Glucotrol (http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/GLU1189.HTM)
Metoprolol (Lopressor) (http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/LOP1235.HTM)hope this helps :)


Wed, Nov-14-01, 07:06
Doreen...you are truly awesome!

Lets see if I can figure this out...give 2 diabetes medications and then give a blood pressure that prohits the control of diabetes ???
(Makes sense to me!!!!!!!!!!).
I've printed your response so DH can read and understand what to watch for. We had a discussion about "hypo" this morning...can you believe he didn't know what it was??? SCAREY!!! And I am definately going to skip to Chap 14 in Dr Bs book.
Right now I have to get ready for work. Tonight I will pour thru those links you gave me and will definately get him (us) an appt sooner than planned!! Please let him be LC friendly!!

Doreen...you are an :angel:


Thu, Nov-15-01, 01:30

These meds were way beyond my experience & knowledge, I'm so glad you were around to help Deb.