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Thu, Nov-08-01, 21:11
My husband is considering LCing. He even picked up my PP book tonight and started reading. :eek: I know LCing is the answer for him, but how is a safe way to start? Should he see his physician first or a couple weeks after he begins? What's the best way to proceed if dr doesn't approve? PP has a letter to the physician in it..has anyone ever taken it to their dr?

So, much for using him to finish up all the BAD junk in the house...you know...all that "low-fat" junk!!

Thu, Nov-08-01, 23:02
Hi Flintstone,

I'm a Type 2 diabetic. The most important ? is: what meds is your DH on? Does he have a good understanding of carbs to blood sugar? The first month or so of LC eating I would advise that he checks blood glucose (BG) 4 x daily. An initial visit to the doc would be good to discuss lowering meds as BG goes down AND keeping track of finger stick results! If he takes glyberide (Diabeta) this med could give him a hypoglycemic reaction if it is not reduced as he starts LC. Glyberide makes the pancreas produce more insulin. Glucophage (Metformin) is not a hypoglycemic drug & does not have this affect on the pancreas. It won't put him into a medical crisis if dosage remains unchanged with the start of LC.

I adjusted my meds on my own, however my doc trusts me to be sensible. BTW, I was on 5mg glyberide, 2.5 mg morning & evening. I still take 500 mg glucophage 3 x day. In the early days of diabetes, I always checked with the Dr before changing my dose but after 3 yrs experience the doc trusts my judgement & I see my Dr frequently and always advise of any changes ASAP. We are partners in managing my diabetes, where my input is as important as the Dr. This is way cool!

I would suggest that you buy a copy of Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. Every diabetic should have their own copy. Photocopy the relevant pages that explain carbs/BG/insulin relationship and give to the doc if there are any objections to LC. DH should read Atkins, PP and Bernstein b4 seeing Dr. so that he fully understands why LC WOL is worth trying. Being rock-solid sure that LC is good for one's health is vital if you suspect opposition from the medical folks (or anyone else) ;)

You can check out some chapters from Bernstein's book here (http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/).

Another forum to have a look at is Low Carb and your Health: Diabetes and Insulin.

Good luck!

Sat, Nov-10-01, 19:07
Thanks so much Ruth!

I do know he is on Glucophage; however, there may be another. I will check. Thank you for the tip on the book..I will try to locate it tomorrow. As far as his LCing...unfortunately, most of it is up to me to tell him what he can & can't have. I try to bulk cook and then have individual servings in the fridge that we can grab at. If the bad stuffs not there...he can't eat it.

The little (and I do mean little) he's read...he is excited about starting. He know the basics from what I've tried to explain (as best I know) from PP and from listening to conversations I've had with others. He's also seen the results I've had since stopping my own meds (BP down to 136/78 & cholesterol down to 170!) And that was only after two weeks.

He just had his blood work-up about 2 weeks ago...do you think it would be OK to wait maybe 2 weeks after starting LCing before he goes in again....provided, of course, we monitor blood sugar at home?

Thanks for all your great advice & info.


Sat, Nov-10-01, 19:58
Hi Deb,

If dh is only on glucophage, not glyberide, I see no problem in waiting to see the doctor. He's not likely to get hypoglycemic on glucophage alone and that's the greatest concern for diabetics who do LC. I hope you can persuade him to do some reading; if not, you may want to do a 'cheat sheet' for him that lists foods he can eat, carb content & what his daily limit is. Post it on the fridge & give him another one to put in his wallet, briefcase or truck (whatever applies).

It's great that he had blood work done 2 wks ago, he'll have a benchmark to compare his progress against. And proof for the Dr eventually!

Once you get Bernsteins's book, dh may surprise you: I'll bet he starts reading it and finds it fascinating because it makes sense. He'll wonder why no one told him this stuff before. My dad is a Type 2, now on insulin because his beta cells finally wore out. You can't tell him much, but he'll read a book. *LOL* I loaned him mine and he hardly put it down for 3 days! All I did was suggest he would find it very interesting and that it made sense. Since I'd already lost about 18 lbs at that point, he was intrigued. He doesn't do a LC program but he has reduced his carbs & really notices it with his bedtime BG test. He gets proud when he doesn't need much insulin to keep him until morning. Anyhoo,
good luck finding the book locally. Or order it from Amazon, I think there is a link thru Bernstein's site.

Tue, Nov-13-01, 13:15
Hi Ruth...

Thanks for the tip on Dr. Bernstein's book. What an awesome book!! I just got it yesterday and I'm already pouring thru it. I like that it spells out exactly what to avoid (especially fruits & veggies) without having to go to a carb calculator.

Lists... the DH will do. He started yesterday and he did really well. Said he felt full all day and was happy with what he was eating. His biggest problem is that he's a truck driver. So its quite hard for him to stop for appropriate food during the day. It pretty much has to be "pack & go" in a small cooler.

It's a little tougher on me, now. I not only have to plan my food...but his as well for durng the day. But, I'm sure this is all going to be worth it!!

Thanks bunches for all your help :daizy: and I'll keep you posted on his progress!!