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No Honey
Sun, Nov-04-01, 16:07
Hi all!

I'm new to this forum and fairly new to LC.
Just wanted to pop in and say hi after reading for the last 3 weeks or so.

I just thought I post my own experiences so far:

1. Background: I'm female, 37, 5'6.5 and started at 158 pounds. Am down to 152 after 4 weeks, YES!
2. Bought the Atkins book abt 5 weeks ago, started on 03.10.2001.
2. I seem to have lost a lot of water for starters but I don't care, well I do actually, because bloating was one of my biggest problems.
3. Am feeling 10 years younger suddenly ;)
Got rid of
a) Constantly upset stomach (was certain I'm allergic to cheese/dairy/what have you. lol)
b) Bloated face/body
c) Stuffed nose
d) Wanting to go into a coma immediately after lunch
e) Feeling frumpy!

What else?
4. Thorntons have Diabetic Vanilla Toffee to die for (3.6 carbs/100g). After more than 25g though I get major stomach rumbling (Polyols - M25 springs to mind!). Didn't stop me from having 100g in one go last Thursday, lol. Effects: Looking 6 months pregnant and falling asleep at 9pm. So not recommended.
5. Boots diabetic chocolate is abt 8g/100g and does the same as above but less rewarding.
6. Drinking wine instead of beer is good.
7. More than 2 glasses is not.
8. Had major cravings at TOM, put on about 2 pounds in about 2 minutes.
9. Buying Tanita scales was money well spent.
10. Drinking loads of water is fairly easy for me (3 litres), adding a little Robinsons R Orange every now and then helps a lot.
11. Cut out diet coke (major addiction, 3 litres a day!!!) for a while but am back on it. I did not find that it stops me from losing although I admit I feel better and sleep better without it.
12. Double cream in your tea isn't that bad after all. Having a little milk doesn't seem to stall me though. Am having abt 3 cups a day.
13. Am trying to stay way clear of any 'substitute recipes' when it comes to sweet things as they seem to trigger major cravings/miserableness. The Vanilla Fudge being the only exception LOL.
14. I stopped snacking (nuts/cheese) between meals cause I'm just not hungry ;).
15. Constipation, although not much worse than the first 36 years of my life.
16. I miss toast for breakfast, but I think only because of the smell when I enter our cantine in the mornings.
17. alt.support.diet-low-carb is very helpful.
18. Energy levels constantly higher throughout my day.
19. I nibbled on some fries the other day, can you say bland?

A typical menu for me would be (lunch in cantine):
BF: 2 eggs, 2 bacon (always, for the last 4 weeks)
LU: Some meat, salad or veg with butter, egg and/or cheese
DI: Meat with veg, cheese/double cream/bacon sauce. yum!
Dessert: None usually, sometimes I have Rowntrees Low Sugar Jelly with whipped cream. nice.
Drink: 1l diet coke, 3 tea, 3l water (I've aways drank lots! lol)
Drink Friday nights: Dry white wine. Trying! to stop at 2 glasses ;)

I tried fitday.com and I think it's great, but found it too time consuming to use it every day.

- I thought I would lose more than I have over the period of time I've been on this WOE, but there you go. I suppose it's because I've cheated with alcohol and/or I have less to lose than some, so I won't complain. Feeling so much more energetic makes me very patient :)
- Would I recommend this WOE to my friends? 100% yes! Actually, a female friend at work does this with me, which is great. And I'm working on a male colleague at the moment, who is quite overweight but stubborn to boot! lol

As you might have noticed, English is not my mother tongue, this would be German :)

And thanks again for lots of great advice in these forums, I'll pop in again tomorrow, at the latest :)

B :wave:

EDIT: Forgot to add the supplements I take:
- Multivitamin + Minerals
- Vit C (3g a day or so, cause I love the taste LOL)
- Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc
- Potassium
- Vit B Complex
- Ultimate Oil Blend (leftover from a detox diet lol)

Mon, Nov-05-01, 01:38
Welcome to the Forum No Honey

What an entrance! Do you see that staircase and the beauuuuutiful debutante coming down it in slow motion!! ?

That's a great entry to start your Journal with. Would you like me to copy it over so you have a permanent reminder everytime you go to make an entry?

You have done very well. Stay with it. Especially at this time of year. I know what you mean about deserts starting the cravings off. Best is to keep off them except for special occasions or a treat once a week and then do my best to keep it as LC as possible.

Keep it up love.
Take care.

P.S. Would be great to meet up - Saturday 17th Nov in Golders Hill Park, Golders Green is being discussed at the moment. Could you make it?

No Honey
Mon, Nov-05-01, 15:59
Hi Fiona, nice to meet you :)

>What an entrance! Do you see that staircase and the >beauuuuutiful debutante coming down it in slow motion!! ?

Yes I can :D

And yes please copy my 'entrance' over to the journals, hope I can keep up noting down what I've done (for me and other newbies).

Must admit the last few days were quite off, was out Friday night and had LOADS of wine and no food :eek: Saturday major hangover but met friends and had more wine :eek: :eek: . Still suffered from hangover this morning and was late for work so no food until lunch time :mad:
Promise I'll be better from tomorrow!

17 Nov sounds good, would love to meet other London low-carbers, need to exchange shopping tips!

No Honey :wave:

Mon, Nov-05-01, 16:40
As you might have noticed, English is not my mother tongue, this would be German

Hello No Honey

Wellcome to the list, and wellcome as a fellow German in London !

You've done really great. I've been a bit naughty the last copuple of days, but back on track today. ;)

Enjoy the fireworks (doesn't it make you feel like it is New Year's Eve ??) and I am looking forward to hearing more from you


No Honey
Tue, Nov-06-01, 12:51
Hi Sabine :)

Can you make Nov 17? (Haven't read the meeting up thread yet so the answer might be there).

As for the fireworks Sat night... I just wondered on my way home from the Thames where that smell was coming from! Must have been the allohol :rolleyes:

Am tempted to continue reporting on how I got on but suppose I better leave that for the journal, don't want to bore you senseless! Hope I can start it properly at the weekend, am a bit busy at the moment :/

Anyway, hope you managed to get back on track today, keep in touch!

No Honey

Tue, Nov-06-01, 15:17
Hi B

On second thoughts I think it might be easier if you started your journal and Iíll take this entry over Ė I donít know what you would like to call it etc etc. Go into Bootcamp / Journals / N to S (if you wish to open your journal under the name of No Honey) and post a New Thread just as you did here. Let me know what you call it.

17th November is, I think, more or less definite although I am awaiting confirmation from Jon Rees who is coming all the way from Liverpool for this Get-together. It is the thread right at the top called UK Get-Together.

Take care now - and keep off the alcohol!!

Tue, Nov-06-01, 17:07
Hello No Honey

I am sorry, but I cannot make it for the 17th. I am working on that day (the joys of shift working :( )

I hope you will have a nice day, and maybe we'll meet up next time.

How long have you been in London ?


Fri, Nov-23-01, 08:10
Hi, I live in Reading and have been doing Atkins since 8 August. Things are slowing down a lot now but still on a downward trend, even if itís barely discernible some weeks. Have had some troubles posting so have been lurking for weeks. Does anyone else get told they havenít selected a thread after they hit Submit? Iím writing this in Word and pasting it as Iím tired of losing the vast screeds I write. Hope it will work this time. Am posting in afternoon, GMT, whereas previously posted in morning. Maybe they do something to the site at that time and you canít write to it?