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Thu, Oct-25-01, 12:17
i adjusted this for lc purposes and added chicken to make it a bit more fat/prot balanced.

5 cups slightly steamed broccoli flowerets
4 TBL. toasted pine nuts
3 oz. cooked bacon (crispy & crumbled)
2 stalks celery
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1lb. chicken, in bite sized pieces.

1 cup mayo
4 TBL. vinegar
3 TBS. splenda

mix mayo, vinegar and splenda together, pour over first six items. mix together, and chill for at least 2 hours. stir well and serve.

cal 3023
fat 250
carb 53
prot 20.5

serves 8 to equal
cal 378
fat 31.3
carb 6.6
prot 16.6


Thu, Oct-25-01, 12:30
Looks like something my mom has been making for years. The combo of bacon and broccoli is so yum E. :yum: Just curious, looks like you plugged that into fitday, do you have the fiber count as well? (Many of us subtract fiber from carbs)


Thu, Oct-25-01, 13:20
hi nat. sorry about the omission. the fiber per serving is 3.5. my ex-mother in law started me on this and whenever i went to pot lucks, i made it sans the chicken, sugar instead of splenda, and with raisins. i like it better this way, and i cut down on the amount of sweetner than the orig.