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Thu, Oct-25-01, 01:47
Just thought I would ask - I have just finished Atkins Induction and have lost 12lbs!!! I am so pleased and so motivated to lo carb for life now!!

Any tips for keeping going are more than welcome.

Heather :wave:

Thu, Oct-25-01, 09:59
Keep reading the forum - all the stuff in the orange bar at the top of the page, Journals and the Daily Low Carber. If you use the View New Posts feature, you can read the active threads of the day. The more you participate the more you receive. :D

Trying out and creating new recipes will prevent boredom from setting in.

There is no group weigh in. In fact people are encouraged not to obsess on the scale or ketostix. Take your measurements though and focus on how you feel overall. More energy, better sleep, clearer skin...


Mon, Oct-29-01, 02:41
Thanks for the advice and information.

I have already read loads of stuff from the "orange bar" at the top of the page and will continue to do so!

Heather :p

Mon, Oct-29-01, 15:25
I have just started a journal on the journals/bootcamp forum.
You keep replying to your own thread on can recod all that you are eating and what you weigh. Other people read your journal and drop by to answer questions or give advice. I'm finding it really usefull.


Tue, Oct-30-01, 01:59
I may just give this a try.

How are you getting on or do I have to visit your journal to find out!

Take care


Tue, Oct-30-01, 13:04
I lost 2.5/3 lb last week. Your welcome to view my journal.

Good luck


Tue, Oct-30-01, 14:12
Well Done on the 3lb loss in just one week, Cheeks. Keep it up.

Take care