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Mon, Mar-14-05, 08:30
Low Carb Bread Crumbs

I make my own low carb bread crumbs. My family doesn't eat the end crusts of the bread so I put a little bag in my freezer and place them in it til I get enough to make bread crumbs. It is Low Carb bread of course. images/smilies/smile.gif Then I place them on a cookie sheet and place them in the ovenat about 300 degrees, till they get crispy. I check on them and mix them around some. then I put them a few at a time in a food processor or blender and get them nice and crumbly. I place them in a storage container and then I have bread crumbs that are low carb too.

Tue, Mar-15-05, 13:29
Mary C,
Thanks for the low carb bread crumbs idea. It helps to find ways to have some favorites like breaded chicken.

Tue, Mar-15-05, 16:32
That's a great idea. Now, do you have a good low carb bread recipe as the ones I have tried don't taste very nice?! Thanks.

Wed, Mar-16-05, 15:40
I tested several Low Carb bread recipes and found just a couple that were pretty good. I have them listed near the beginning of my Journal. THe rye breads tasted the best though. But I do like the Gabby's Low Carb bread. I make them in my bread machine and it is pretty easy. Sometimes I buy the Sara Lee Low Carb breads and they are really good.

Have a great day!!

Wed, Mar-23-05, 14:18
DH likes the pepperridge farm 'wheat' lc bread. I don't eat it myself as I am afraid to get addicted but he said it is the best by far he has had!