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Wed, Mar-02-05, 09:30
My mother in law is staying with my wife and myself and she's from the south and is a bisquit making maniac!

this is her recipe using "Carbquik"...

I've included pics because there's no real recipe just a "procedure" that she uses. (see pics)

1.) fill a bowl with carbquik and punch/press a depression in the carbquik.

2.) throw a blob of crisco or lard in the middle.

3.) Get a large cup of the very very hot tap water.

4.) Add about a 1/2 to 1 cup of the hot water.

5.) Start mixing with your hands by scooping in flour from the sides of the bowl and kneading it into the blob of water/crisco.

6.) when the ball is of sufficient hardness to mold into bisquits stop and pull off pieces and roll them into balls.

7.) put them into a greased pie pan or whatever you have.

8.) flatten and bake at 500 until browned on top.

thats it! I'm trying to add a zip file with the pics....


Wed, Mar-02-05, 11:09
oh my...these look really good. I'll have to print this out and use it when I get closer to goal. I'm afraid to have them now and eat them all day!

Sat, Mar-19-05, 13:21
You will like them....but, yes, they are not for induction!

Mon, Mar-21-05, 20:55
ouzo ditto! OH MY!!!

I've just got an erge to whip up a sausage, egg & cheese bisquit sandwhich. LoL. Boy if I ever see carbquick ~ big lots or the dollar store I sware i'm buying them out!

Wed, Mar-23-05, 12:26
If trans-fats concern you, and they really should, you should replace the crisco with something else. Those partially hydrogenated oils are extremely unhealthy.

Use an oil that is liquid at room temperature or just use butter.

But they look and sound really good and I love carbquick

Wed, Mar-23-05, 12:59
yummmy diggity! I cant wait until I am out of NYBP. I am going to sooo make these!

Wed, Mar-23-05, 19:15
Just stopping by to say hello.....those biscuits look really yummmy....

Wed, Mar-23-05, 20:53
If you don't want to use Crisco you could use coconut oil. It is in a solid state naturally, so it would mix a lot like crisco. I make biscuits all the time (the old fashioned way with flour and-I'm from the south too), before I started on low carb, and I have used coconut oil in regular biscuits and they turned out great. Also- work your dough only enough to get it to hold together. If you overwork it the biscuits will be tough and not rise like you want them too. I'm still on induction, so I guess I can't make these yet. I have some Carbquick ordered though. I can't wait to try these! When I make biscuits, I use a pastry blender and cut my shortening in until it resembles coarse cornmeal in texture, and then add my liquid (it used to be buttermilk- but I guess I can use Carb Countdown milk now or water) and then mix it just enough until it holds together. Then youcan form the balls, or roll it out and cut them out.I thought biscuit days were over forever! :yum: :yum: :yum:

Wed, Mar-23-05, 21:20
Hi Bob, I can't have them yet, probably won't be able to for a long time, since I see Induction for at least the next 6 months. But I have bookmarked the recipe so I don't lose it! I will definitely try it when I am able to! They look GREAT!

Wirlwind~Thanks for the tips! Everytime I have ever tried to make bisquits I get the Ellie May kind! Hammer and chisle style! :lol: :D

Fri, Mar-25-05, 01:26
Boy does that bring back memories. My grandmother used to make her biscuits the same way - only she used milk instead of water.

The biscuits look great!!!

Fri, Mar-25-05, 01:29
I did not like the biscuits reheated..........they tasted dry leftover...

Fri, Mar-25-05, 05:16
I found if you put them in the micro in a "moist" papertowel they do better while reheating...


Fri, Apr-01-05, 01:45
I Am Going To Have To Try This Recipe After My Induction. I HAD LOST REALLY GOOD LAST YR AND THEN i blew it . i stilll have 18 lbs left from the 50 lbs i had lost. i started again yesterday. i weight is 200 and i want to be 150lbs before christmas. sue

Thu, Dec-01-05, 09:52
I tried the biscuits with Carbquick and mine did not rise. They tasted good but looked like a cookie rather than a biscuit. Is there a trick to this?

Thu, Dec-01-05, 11:38
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!This brings tears to my eyes...I will have to make these over the holidays. I'm from the south (TN) and I'm planning a menu with these biscuits, low-carb fried chicken, faux potatoes, green beans. Also, I'm thinking about making these real small and having ham and biscuits as an appetizer. THANKS A BUNCH. I just need to find a place that carries Carbquick now since Kroger's stopped. Any ideas?

Thu, Dec-01-05, 15:13
I tried the biscuits with Carbquick and mine did not rise. They tasted good but looked like a cookie rather than a biscuit. Is there a trick to this?
You overworked your dough. That is why they were hard. Use a very light touch, the dough should just barely come together. Also putting them in/on the pan with the sides of the biscuits touching will help them to rise. Also, I know trans fats are bad, but you can't make real biscuits unless you use shortening or lard.

Fri, Dec-02-05, 09:53
I'm not giving up! I tried again--they were flaky (to the point of falling apart--too much shortening) but still did not rise at all. I put them touching and still no rising. I'm going to try adding baking powder tomorrow. I use low carb milk instead of water and I don't heat the milk but cold milk is how we made biscuits before. I may be adding too much liquid cause the dough is real sticky. This has become a challenge.

Fri, Dec-02-05, 11:51
Let me know if anyone has any improvements...we can incorporate them!!!

And, I buy my carbquik from "netrition.com" in the huge bags...it's cheaper that way....


Fri, Mar-24-06, 09:32
hey, how much are the ingredidents for the recipe? sue

Mon, Mar-27-06, 09:28
what is the size of ingredents for flour , crisco ? sue

Tue, Apr-04-06, 17:53
I tried and my son said they were dry. They did seem to rise some and were not hard. Just a dry taste. If anyone gets a good combination please share.

Fri, Apr-07-06, 10:17
If trans-fats concern you, and they really should, you should replace the crisco with something else. Those partially hydrogenated oils are extremely unhealthy.

Use an oil that is liquid at room temperature or just use butter.

But they look and sound really good and I love carbquick

Apparently, Crisco now has a fully hydrogenated shortening product (with the green label). Fully hydrogenated products are not harmful like partially hydrogenated products. (Partially and Fully Hydrogenated Fats (http://lowfatcooking.about.com/od/faqs/f/hydrogenated.htm)) I haven't seen it yet but am on the look-out.

Also, my family always uses buttermilk to make biscuits. The women in my family believe that it renders a more moist, light and fluffy, and better flavored biscuit. (Don't let the PA location throw you... I'm a transplanted Southern girl.)


Wed, Apr-12-06, 09:28
As for the sizes...well..it's a "feel" thing....I asked the same question....but basically, a fist sized ball of lard, and then just keep adding water and carbquick...there are no actual measurements....sorry..


Tue, Oct-03-06, 13:39
just fyi (was checking it out in my home fitday, guessing wildly at quantities based on the picture to ballpark the concept):

carbquick, 1 cup (I had to estimate, their nutrition label has the unhelpful 'grams' and no volume measure): cal: 960 fat: 0 carb: 112 fiber: 80 prot: 64

lard, 1/3 cup: cal 629 fat 70 carb 0 fiber 0 prot 0

tot 1589 cal fat 70 carb 112 fiber 80 prot 64

The example showed 7 biscuits in the pic but I'm going to guess at 10 since one could force that number I guess. In which case, each biscuit would have about Cal 159 fat 7 carb 11.2 fiber 8 prot 6.4 (ecc 3.2)

Sun, Jul-01-07, 10:22
I'll have to try these when I can eat them. But fyi, we don't ever keep Crisco in the house b/c we don't use it enough to justify it. Whenever DH makes biscuits (he's the cook) he always uses butter! And they are awesome!!!

Tue, Jul-03-07, 13:55
Pure unhydrogenated plain and simple lard. The original shortening, and still the best.

ps: I simply no longer believe the marketing coming out of the chemical, um, food corporations. Fully hydrogenated is not harmful? Pffffft, that's what they said about margarine for all these years and now look where we are. Naaaah. No fake shortening for this gal.


Wed, Aug-29-07, 13:53
these look awesome! :)