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Karen Cast
Thu, Feb-03-05, 09:45
Hi, I'm new to this but real discouraged. I've been doing the induction part of this plan and actually gained weight. I need some help :q: :help:

Thu, Feb-03-05, 14:56
Hello Karen!
Quick question for you - have you read and followed all the guidelines for induction? I know it sounds silly, but it is very important to have all the information to make a good start. Of course, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but this is just my humble opinion, as I don't know what your personal health situation is like.

There is a good site:http://atkins.com/Archive/2001/12/15-464579.html with most of what you need to know. If you don't have "Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution" you might want to invest in a copy or see if you're local library has it.

Lots of exercise, water, and careful adherence to portion size and 20 carbs a day ought to get you going. Hope you hang in there! Good luck

Thu, Feb-03-05, 16:11
Hi Karen,

I'm so sorry you are feeling so disappointed. :there:

My question is what exactly have you been eating? The people at Atkins Nutritionals are telling us now that we can have all sorts of "extras" on Induction that Dr Atkins himself did not allow - things like Atkins breads, pancakes, shakes etc etc.

Many, many people here have found that they lose best, especially in the beginning, when they stick with whole natural foods.

How about listing some of your regular menus here so we can see if there is anything in particular we can help you with?


Thu, Feb-03-05, 19:50

Sat, Feb-05-05, 18:34
Welcome to the forums!!! Maybe list a few days of what you have been eating and maybe someone can see what the problem may be...