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Wed, Feb-02-05, 19:37
Hello, I am following the Candida Directory & Cookbook at the moment. I have been suffering with candidas for several years. Lately, it seems to have been getting worse.
Has anyone else experienced success using a low carb diet to get rid of candidas?

Thanks :help:

Thu, Feb-03-05, 02:22
I've had it for many years too. I found a great caring Dr. :) who helped me get on the right track. After a couple of weeks on the restricted eating program, she asked if I was feeling worse due to the die off side affects, thankfully the die off wasn't an issue for me. Anyway, after 2 weeks on the diet I started taking prescribed antifungals, mega doses of vitimens, omega-3's, and other immune boosting supplements for over 2 months. After all of this, I finnaly started feeling "normal" - in less pain, less bloating, more energy, & finally a few lbs. lighter. If you can find a Dr. in your area that believes that this affliction exist, I recomend getting with them to get you on the right track. I think that the http://www.yeastconnection.com/ has a Dr. locator to help you find one. Good luck with getting back to balance. :thup: