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Tue, Feb-01-05, 23:44
Hello to all:
This is all so new to me but I am going to hang in there with the support from you all. I hope that I learn some new things. I am hoping to loose at the minimum 20lbs by the end of March. Is that possible? I just need help all the way around. Look forward to chatting with you all. :help:

Wed, Feb-02-05, 01:35
welcome!!! It is totally possible! thats 2 months to lose 20lbs, or 1month to lose10,which is only2.5 a week! you can definitely get there, and check in here for support, believe me it helps! :wave:

Wed, Feb-02-05, 01:46
This is a great place to get support and all the advise you need, you will be surprised how fast the lbs come off so stick to it.
The first 3 days are the hardest I reckon but once the sugar craving are gone you cruising.
Look forward to seeing how you go.

Wed, Feb-02-05, 05:17
You've definitely come to the right place!! Enjoy!! I know you can do it!!


Miss H.M
Wed, Feb-02-05, 06:31
of course you can do it! welcome to the forum, we all have goals and yours is just as obtainable as ours are, come join us, and we an help support one another! its a great site for support, encouragement, advice, recipes, venting, friendship and weighloss!perhaps starting a journal will help, as it does for all of us here...feel free to drop into any one of our journals, and say hi or to leave a word of encouragement!the pounds start slipping off within the first week of induction, so hang in there!its a bit hard the first day or two, but I promise, it does get easier, and the results are worth the effort!!!I look forward to your posts an progress love617!please make yourself comfortable and browse, browse, browse, and post , post,post!

Wed, Feb-02-05, 10:18
Welcome to the forums! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Wed, Feb-02-05, 12:20
I am actually just starting also. And I, too would LOVE to lose 20 pounds by the end of March. Good Luck (to everyone)!

Wed, Feb-02-05, 12:26
welcome you can do it! and we'll help with all the support you will ever need.

Wed, Feb-02-05, 12:27
Welcome and put me on the list to lose 20 by the end of March!

Wed, Feb-02-05, 14:17

Wed, Feb-02-05, 23:14
Of course you can..Good luck to ya...stick with it, it gets better as you go...