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Jim Snyder
Tue, Feb-01-05, 18:06
What a great resource this is! I was scared into the low-carb way of eating in August when my annual physical revealed my fasting blood sugar had gone from a normal 92 exactly one year earlier to an astounding 312! Not a complete surprise as every male on my Dad's side has had blood sugar issues. My weight at the time was 255. I'm just under 6' 2" tall.

After a day of research on the internet and advice from my doctor and dietician, it was clear I needed to lose weight and reduce the carb intake. I was also started on the drug Metformin for the blood sugar problem. I immediately cut out almost every carb except for fruit, unsweetened yogurt, and a few raw nuts. I reduced portion sizes on everything to levels recommended by a dietician. I wasn't a junk food eater ever, so I didn't have to overcome any issues there. I also started exercising by power-walking a minimum of 2.5 miles 4 days a week and 3.5 miles 3 days.

Fast forward 5 months to today, and I find myself 67 pounds lighter, which actually puts me 2 pounds UNDER my goal weight. I've been at or near goal weight since just before Christmas. My doctor took me off the Metformin January 1, and my blood sugars are totally normal at all times. Fasting blood glucose is around 78. My total choelesterol was 270 last August, and that was with Lipitor. As of 2 weeks ago, it was 105! The doctor cut the Lipitor in half and said he'll probably eliminate it totally in a couple of months.

Anyway... I'm a now true believer in low carb. It isn't hard to do, and I'm living proof that it works not only for weight loss but for other medical issues that seem to arise in the 40's. Just eat whole foods as much as possible (low carb of course) and avoid junk food even if it's stated to be low carb. Your body will respond! Good luck to all.

Tue, Feb-01-05, 18:18
Hi and Welcome!!!!!

This is a great site full of information!!!!!

You'll love it!! :D

Wed, Feb-02-05, 10:19
Welcome to the forums!

Wed, Feb-02-05, 14:13