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Tue, Feb-01-05, 15:12
Hello, I just wanted to get involved here. I have been reading your pages for a few days. Just checking everyone out. I have gotten some really good tips and I hope to keep losing along with everyone else. I am about 4 week in using the SBD. I a little concerned that I have not been losing very much. I saw 10 pounds gone a few days ago, but haven't seen it since. Seems to be staying at 7. Just realized today that it is TOM. Maybe that is really it. I have no craving at all since being over the induction. I do enjoy that, but am feeling like I am not eating enough either. Just no appetite. I could go with breakfast and lunch and not do supper at all. I know that is not good though.
This week I am trying to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. Wish me luck! Also, did I do the ticker thing wrong? I don't see it.

Tue, Feb-01-05, 15:49
I don't know how to do the ticker thing but it does appear that you did it incorrectly.

Welcome just the same!