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Tue, Oct-09-01, 14:33

I have been on the atkins for 4 weeks and I'm eating about 10 grams per day & swimming twice a week. I am loosing about 4 - 5 lbs per week. I have about 140lbs to go ...... bummer

I just wanted to know how much everyone is eating per day and what exercise they are doing to get there. :wave:

Do you get the feeling that Dr Atkins does not appreciate how expensive a low carb diet is? I know that in the USA meat is cheap, but i am spending a fortune on trying to keep my meals imaginative ........ let me know if you have any cost-cutting tips!

Tue, Oct-09-01, 17:53
Welcome to the forum, Jacki. If you'd like an idea of what people are eating, and their exercise regiments you can sneak a peak at their food and exercise journals. Food/ Daily journals are under "My Journal/Bootcamp" and exercise logs are under "Exercise / CKD Forum" in "Gym Logs". Both are listed alphabetically by member name.


Wed, Oct-10-01, 15:02
:wave: Jackie. Congratulations. Your weight loss is very good.

Nat's given you some great pointers there. I would recommend you start your own journal to keep a continuing record of your own progress and receive good help - not that you seem to need it at the moment.

I do know what you mean about cost. Carbs seem to be cheaper - but are they if you count what you would spend on Weightwatchers etc to get the weight off afterwards!! Iceland and KwikSave always seem to have bargain offers at half price - sometimes even less if there are only one or two days left of the Best Before date.

H&B frequently have half-price sales on nuts and protein whey. Watch out for them.

Take care.

Wed, Oct-10-01, 15:14
I live in Canada, where protein foods are, I think, more expensive than in the US and maybe a smidgin cheaper than they are in the UK. (I lived in London for four years, so I know).

I'm a single person, shopping and cooking for one. I save money by buying whole chickens and large cuts of meat, and either cooking the whole thing and eating it for a few days in a row, or chopping it up and freezing what I don't cook. If you buy small, single-serving sizes, you pay a lot more.

In the UK, you have great quality cheese and dairy products - way better than we can easily find here. Seafood is also easier to obtain, and in greater variety.

Another thing I do - always have done, I've never had much money! - is buy 'off cuts' when they're available - for example, smoked salmon trimmings - I know you can get them at the fishmonger's, I used to! - which taste just as good as the nicer-looking slices. Meat a day or two past its sell-by date is also OK, as long as you cook it right away.

Hope this helps!

Wed, Oct-10-01, 15:23
At first glance I thought that this diet was too expensive for me. I would walk out of the grocery store with one bag and lighter $100. But then I started realizing that this one bag of meat mostly took care of my weekly food. I wasnt running to the corner store for chips and buying lunch at the cafeteria any more. I think in the long run, it works out cheaper as long as I plan ahead and cook ahead.


Wed, Jun-30-04, 08:33
I have 100lb to lose and I have 35 carbs a day - it works out that i lose about 2lb a week which is fine for me.

Wed, Jun-30-04, 09:26
I lose on 26 or less a day. Unfortunatly it's often a bit more than that!

Turkey drumsticks are the best buy meat wise. Also whole chickens. I also buy bacon misshapes at 1 pound for a kilo. In the market in Newcastle there are several stalls which sell ham, cooked beef etc off cuts very cheaply.

Lidl usually has half price offers on veg and salad items and sells huge blocks of cheese and cheap prices. Also they sell whole salamis - very reasonable.

I also always visit the shelf you find in all supermarkets where the stuff gets discounted because it's the last day or it's short dated. It's amazing what you can pick up. Today I got half price smoked salmon, prawn salad and many carby things for my slim house mate.

Good luck and shop around.