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Tue, Feb-01-05, 10:17
How long did it take you to loose the wieght? I was looking at your stats and what a great job you have done. I have only lost 7lbs in 4 weeks and I am beginning to get frustrated even though I know I have lost inches.
Any tips would be helpful.

Tue, Feb-01-05, 10:18
Hiya if you click on the little icon that says journal at the bottom of that particular persons post, they will get back to you :)

Tue, Feb-01-05, 13:31
Hiya Yorkie :wave:

I started LCing at 146 pounds Sept of 2003 (lost the first part of my weight suffering through low fat etc). It took me almost 3 months to lose the last 21 pounds, and I've been in maintenance mode for 14 months now. :)

Hang in there, it WILL happen. :thup: