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Mon, Jan-31-05, 17:30

I've started myself and my overweight 9 y/o daughter on a low carb lifestyle starting on the first of January this year. My daughter, I let eat fruits, but we're working hard to eliminate processed foods, sweeteners and caffine from our diets.

My personal diet is Atkins and so far I've lost 13 lbs.

We've both incorporated a workout program that we do together and we're striving to be more active as well. So far we've been very successful especially on the warmer days we've had.

The boost in energy has been fantastic and personally I think we're both doing great! However, we've done LC before and haven't made it past the first month (vacations, holidays etc...) Tomorrow will be a major milestone for us and we're kind of excited about it.

Being horrible eaters in the past, getting my daughter (and myself) to look at veggies with desire has been a constant challenge. But I've found that I am having to make runs to the grocery store in the middle week for veggies instead of throwing them out, rotten, at the end of the month.

Ok, that's me and why I'm here! I'm looking forward to reading more and exploring options that I hadn't thought of to keep my family and myself from getting bored, but still staying healthy.

Mon, Jan-31-05, 17:45
welcome! welcome! welcome!

glad to see that you did not give up. take things one day at a time and turn here for support. remember the journey is worth it. i spent my youth as an overweight kid (no fun ). the gift of health will be the greatest gift ou can give to your child. see ya around :-)

Tue, Feb-01-05, 09:18

Tue, Feb-01-05, 09:21
Welcome! I too have my children eating mostly LC. They are not overweight, but I want them to eat healthy!