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Mon, Jan-31-05, 02:33
Hello to you all,
1st day here, 1st day of 2nd week without sugar. I am longing for some friut (don't usually eat a lot of fruit) any ideas to get away from this????

Mon, Feb-06-06, 17:39
I here a lot of people eat sugar free jello to get there sweet &fruity fix and it helps them out in a bind

Mon, Feb-06-06, 17:50
Have a fruity cup of tea, sweetened with stevia or a sugar-free syrup like Torani or DaVinci. Zero carbs and it can really hit the spot.

You get some fruit back in a few weeks and boy, will it ever taste good! :yum:

Mon, Feb-06-06, 17:52
Some people find SF Jello or a diet soda HELPS, and some find it only makes them want more sweets.

Try having a legal snack and a big glass of water. Devilled eggs, meat and cheese, something fat and protein... or go for a walk, take a shower, anything to get your mind off sugar. ;)

It gets better.