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me and ma
Sun, Jan-30-05, 07:06
Hello everyone.

My wife and I just started to eat the low carb way last Saturday. She already feels much better and has lost 4 lbs. I was 170lbs about 3 years ago and I lost 30 lbs, but I as of last satirady I had gained back 12 lbs. I am now at 145 lbs and I'd like to get to 140lbs. We like the food very much, but the problem we are having is we aren't getting enough fibre and this has thrown our shcedules out of wack, if you now what I mean.

That it for now


Sun, Jan-30-05, 17:49
Welcome!!! My husband and I started almost 3 weeks ago!!
My "schedule" was seriously out of whack the first time I was on Atkins--This time I am making sure to have salads every day with a bit of fresh spinach. I read that spinach helps! and now if I feel I need to "take care of some business" creamed spinach sure does it for me--Thank Goodness! I just didn't want to take a supplement!
Best of luck to you both!!!
-betsy and joe

Mon, Jan-31-05, 10:39