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Sat, Jan-29-05, 19:07
Dear all:

I was doing low carb on and off in December but got serious the last four weeks. I have lost 7 lbs since beginning of Jan. I also have been very low energy and have been waiting for the promised Atkins Buzz to kick in?? I am taking octacosanol per the docs instructions but no luck so far.

Last Friday the 21st I was very happy though, because I finally felt no cravings, not much appetite after three weeks of induction. This very quickly went away over the next few days and I finally realized what happened--I started eating some Atkins advantage bars--and was starting to obsess about them. They really do kick off the cravings.

Because I need to lose 87 more lbs, I plan to stay on induction for as long as possible--although I started reading protein power and I liked their ideas too.

would love to hear from people with energy problems and staying on inducition for long periods of time.

Sat, Jan-29-05, 19:14
Also, I forgot to say that I have been taking prevacid for over a year now and I stopped when changing diet--I had heard low-carb diets may help with it. I have almost completely no symptoms of acid reflux--if I do I take digestive enzymes which take care of it. Really glad to be off meds!