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Fri, Jan-28-05, 11:21
Since I've been losing and gaining the same 40 pounds my whole life, I've decided it's time to find a way to KEEP it off (and thensome!). The longest time I've been able to maintain a healthy weight is about 4 years - but I always creep back up there - gradually. Since South Beach is the only low-carb diet I really know much about (my daughter was on it), I listed that, but I really don't know WHICH plan to follow, so any suggestions would be MOST welcome! Today I read about one called "The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program" and another called "Weight Loss 4 Idiots" - but before I buy any more weight loss books, I want to pick the minds of some other soldiers in the battle of the bulge!
HELP!!! :lol:

Fri, Jan-28-05, 11:24
I use my own plan. At first I bought the low carb dieting book for dummies and read it cover to cover. I try to stay around 30-40 net carbs a day and have been losing slow but sure. More inches right now than weight. This is first WOL I have found that I am not NOT hungry. I did the weight watchers thing, the low fat thing, and this is definitely my new way of life. Whatever you chose, best of luck and hang in there :)

Sat, Jan-29-05, 20:32
At this point I wonder if anything will work other than a full-body transplant! I've tried weight watchers (took off 40 pounds 2 years ago just in time for my son's wedding) but can't bear the thought of having to write down and add up everything I eat, the Stillman Diet (when the book was in its first printing!), the Dolly Parton Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet (I was the world's largest source of natural gas on that one!), the Woman Doctor's Diet for Women, and too many other to name. Now I'm post-menopausal, pushing 60, and have changed from a pear to an apple in shape. I've given up shoes with laces because it's too hard to put them on. Shaving my legs is an exercise in frustration. I'm tired of feeling fat and ugly. I know I should exercise (are you SURE that's not a four-letter word?) but I also know I should save part of my paycheck every week and I haven't managed to do that either! ;)
I'm sorry to vent on you - I appreciate the kind words more than you can know - it's just good to have a place where I can let my feeling out. Usually I just make jokes about being fat, but I'm really worried about my health and really want to find a way to live that makes me happy AND healthy. Thanks for listening! :p

Sat, Jan-29-05, 20:36
Hi Littletexa,

I would suggest you go to "Plans" on the green menu bar at the very top of the screen. You'll find summaries of the major plans there.

I would also do as much reading as possible before you start. Check out some books from your library. Then when you have chosen the plan you think you can live with, do buy the book, as you will refer to it often.

All the best!


Sat, Jan-29-05, 20:47
Thanks, Rosebud, that's what I've been doing - I've been reading over the descriptions in the plans forum (although I've discovered a couple of the home page links at the bottom of the pages don't seem to work for me) and have decided to do just what you've suggested. Finding a plan I can live with is obviously the most important step right now, but it's hard being patient. I want to "fix" this problem now! ;)
It's taken me 2 years to get back up to this weight - I just hope I can take it off a little more quickly and KEEP it off this time!

Sun, Jan-30-05, 05:32
hi little texa

welcome to the site

good luck with the weight loss im sure like me u will find a plan that fits in well with your lifestyle

once you find one stick to it dont mix them and ill look forward to seeing the results posted