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Thu, Jan-27-05, 09:33
Hello everyone,

Although I haven't posted I've been lurking for quite a while - a year I think. I'm somewhat nervous to post but the frustration finally got to me. I need help. As you can see from my info I've lost a bit of weight following Atkins. I have gained about 10lbs over the last year and have been trying to get it off for months. I can't seem to do it...Atkins just isn't cutting it anymore. About 8 days ago I decided enough is enough I want to lose about 19 lbs not very much I would think so I though after all the starts on Atkins over the last few months I've got to get committed. My problem is the damned scale discourages me. I'm sure you have all had the experience of following the diet to the letter only to not move the scale right? Well what happens to me is this...first couple of days I'll drop like 3-4 even 5 lbs then just before the week ends I'm back up to where I started - I get peeved and say well hell I could have done this eating what I wanted. Not a good attitude I know. So this past week I really put my mind to it...I changed things up I started doing my cardio at lunch time - I go on the treadmill for 40 minutes and the stationary bike for 10-15 minutes and follow atkins. I'm burning about 350 cals during this session - I mostly jog on the treadmill. Guess what lost almost 5 lbs in four days. I stayed off the scale for the last three days got on this morning and I'm back to where I started. What the hell is going on. Also you should know that I've done this for as long as 5-6 weeks with same thing back and forth and in the end no loss. I'm wondering if the carb cycling may be something for me cuz what I have noticed is the day I fall off the wagon the next day I'm down like 3lbs. I continue eating in a non low carb way never too out of hand then I continue to climb up the scale but never over say 155 or so...Please note that I haven't been doing as much exercise as I have this past week. I mean 6 of 7 days for almost an hour is enough right? I am in pretty good shape. Even when I'm not doing this much I always manage to walk maybe 2 x a week and do pilates and stuff so I'm not out of shape but I thought with all the cardio something would have to happen. Please help and this forum is great - I feel like I know everybody from my time reading. TWIG

Goat Lady
Thu, Jan-27-05, 10:20

I'm not sure what the answer is....could you maybe post some menus of what you are eating and maybe that will help us out?

Welcome to the boards...Hope to see ya around!