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Wed, Jan-26-05, 20:06
Greetings Everyone,

I've been low carb(ing) since 2003. I started at 220 and went down to 157 at one point. Happy, yes, I was. I've fallen and I'm about to get up but would like some encouragement. I'm currently at 169 and my goal is 145-150. When I started I exercised and eat properly. Suffered several setbacks and I'm try to get back on the bike.

My problem seems to be sticking to induction. My absolute weakness is popcorn and any type of nuts. The other problem, when I eat properly, I enjoy the variety of wonderful recipes; I just need to get through the 2 week induction.

Help. :help:

Wed, Jan-26-05, 20:45
Hi and welcome! I also started LCing in Oct. 2003 and went down to 143 by this past November. Then I got lazy, the holidays came, we made a 300 mile move, etc. etc. I've got all kinds of excuses! The end result? I gained back up to 153. I just finished day 3 of my re-induction and have already gotten back down to 149.4! Induction sucks but it's so worth it to get rid of all the cravings.

Hang in there. We can do this!

Lucas Buck
Wed, Jan-26-05, 20:46
Wow, your story is nearly identical to mine. I just finished induction for the first time in nearly 3 years. It was a lot harder this time but I still made it through. I just had to use a lot of will power and constantly remind myself how important that first two weeks are and what I had to look forward to when I was done. I'm not losing as fast this time around but I also have less to lose since I'm 40 lbs. lighter now.

My biggest hurdle is realizing if I want to maintain a healthy weight I'm basically stuck on 20 carbs or less for the rest of my life. And that includes the fact that I work out every single day.

One thing you might consider that works well for me is I make sure everybody around me knows what I'm doing and what my goals are. That really helps me stay with it because I get my own little support group of people cheering me on. Hopefully this community will broaden that group even more :D

Thu, Jan-27-05, 09:22
Welcome to the forums. Best wishes as you move forward and congratulations for climbing back on the horse.

You can do it!!

Thu, Jan-27-05, 11:02
Welcome. I am new as well and already suffering from cravings, but I believe we could overcome the hurdles.

Goat Lady
Thu, Jan-27-05, 11:08
Hello and welcome! The first week (as you know) is the hardest...I've had so many "day 1"s that you can imagine! Just remember that if you can get through the first week you'll be stronger to those cravings! Have foods ready to eat for when you have a craving...drink a glass of water...think of the guilt you'll feel after that 30 second treat...


Thu, Jan-27-05, 11:36
You will find many of us who have been through this. I myself got within 13 pounds of my ideal weight and gained back19 pounds over 6 months! So now I am back on induction, and have already lost 5 pounds!
One thing I do which may help is WRITE DOWN everything you eat and the carbs. You get 20 a day, so to me its like I have a 20 dollar bill in my pocket and I can't spend more. My problem in the past with induction or Atkins was, I would say I was on the diet, and then grab a handful of potato chips here, one slice of pizza there, and that is not going to get you where you want to go. Good Luck!

Fri, Jan-28-05, 11:41
Thank you for your responses. I appreciate all the encouragement.

Fri, Jan-28-05, 15:33
Is really good around here. lots of encouragement

Miss H.M
Sat, Jan-29-05, 19:46
we all know exactly what your going through, several times over, but it does get easier..I promise!!keep busy, eat high protien snacks, all ready made so you can snack away when you want to cheat, drink water, and water and then some more water, go shopping for a new outfit or a bathingsuit....put a picture of yourself that you like of yourself, that you want to look like again on the inside of your cabinet doors that might have carbs in it your family uses...tell people around you what you are doing to gain their support, come here anytime to chat, vent ,laugh, cry...Whatever! especially when you want to cheat! reward yourself for every 5 pounds you loose...and always have mini goals instead of looking at one big goal that may seem so far off/away or hard to reach...start a journal here, donate all you bad carb foods to a food pantry or a shelter..find a hobby you may enjoy, because you're going to have so much more energy, you wont be able to sit still for long, just you wait and see!! as you can seee, I like to ramble on, my hands just take over!!dont know what to do with all this energy!!even when I go to bed late, I still get up early , refreshed...its great!!! so come on, join us!! :) cheryll