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Tue, Jan-25-05, 14:30
Hello, I've been lc-ing since July 2004 and have gone from 361 pounds to my current 286. That means 75 pounds that are gone FOREVER!!. But I reached that milestone back in October, and haven't been losing since. I'm slowly introducing exercise. I use a portable machine with pedals that I bought at the Sharper Image that allows me to sit anywhere and start pedaling, but I can't seem to find the energy to get on it everyday as I should. I'm trying to drink more water (2 to 3 liters daily) and from what I've been reading I may be hypothyroid. I have many symptoms (low body temp. hair loss, dry skin, 3.20 TSH. I went to an endocrynologist here and he was so terribly misinformed about low-carb regimes and all the good they bring to people. After showing him all the data on my symptoms and the info I had gotten on the subject I was able to get a prescription for Levothyroxine which he reluctantly gave me. I'd like to try Armour but I don't know if we have it in Mexico. I don't want to overhelm you with the list of my woes but I do want to say that low-carbing has been fantastic for me. I'm 39 and have been fat every day of my life. I was NEVER been able to lose any weight until now. This, I assume temporary, stall will not derail my low-carbing efforts. I know I'm on the right path, with your support I'm sure I'll be able to know what it is like to be in a "normal" body soon. :D

Tue, Jan-25-05, 14:41
You'd probably like to know I live in Hermosillo, México. Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora, the Mexican state that borders with Arizona. It's a 2-hour drive away from Nogales where I do some of my shopping for low-carb products. And, another thing, I know that my stall started when I discovered the host of new products that cater to low-carbers. I'm doing my best to stay away from the lc chocolate (that's my kryptonite). Low carb does not mean No carb. I'm sure I started eating more carbs that I'm allowed. I went chocolate crazy when I first found them. I think I'll have to stay on the Atkins Induction phase straight into maintenance. Keep it natural, high fat, very limited carbs, etc. What do you think?

Tue, Jan-25-05, 15:13
Hola and Welcome!!!

This is the Best place on the internet for advise and support!!!
You may want to start a journal and some of us also use fitday.com as a tool to help.

Have a great day!!

Wed, Jan-26-05, 15:21
Thank you very much for your reply. I agree, there are so very many well-informed people here. It's really frustrating to have DOCTORS tell you what you're doing is wrong. If they only did a little research..... What I've been reading here has amazed me. This is a gold mine!!!

Wed, Jan-26-05, 16:14
It sure is a goldmine!! I love this place!

Wed, Jan-26-05, 20:51
Hi Sweetie! I am 38 and was not always fat, but apparently did a darn good job at getting that way! You will find tons of support and motivation here. Induction would have been very hard for me without the wisdom of all the successful ones here. Start a journal so people can visit you and you can track your progress. It really helps. I live in Texas, but am 30 minutes from the Mexico border, and I have literally gained from 175 to 225 in the 5 years we have lived here. Wonderful food, but good not quite good enough to look and feel this bad! I hope I can join you on the path to a thinner, healthier, better lifestyle! (and start a journal so I can visit, lol)

Wed, Jan-26-05, 21:06
Welcome to the forum! You may be right that the lowcarb products are stalling you. They seem to do that to a lot of people.

However, I also think that after we lose a certain amount of weight, it just becomes harder for us to lose more. Our bodies get threatened and start to hang on to every pound for dear life. I lost the first 80 pounds very easily just by low carbing and that put me at about where you are now (we started at almost identical weights). Every pound since then has been a struggle to lose and I've had to become much more conscious of calories, putting off eating until I am very hungry, exercising most days of the week, etc. to slowly lose any weight at all. However, the weight is continuing to come off and I feel better than I have in 20 years, so it is worth the struggle.

You might want to check out the Triple Digits Club area of the forum if you haven't done so already. It's for people who start out with 100 or more pounds to lose and it's a very supportive place. You'll see it about midway down the forum homepage.

Miss H.M
Wed, Jan-26-05, 23:12
alot of doctors are so misinformed about low carb WOL, they actually get upset when you mention that you are doing it!!my Lupus doctor thinks i'm crazy!!I gained 27 pounds in 2 months from a medication she put me on, and she thinks i look so great now that I put the weight on...shes nuts!!well, that stops now, and I listen to my body from now on.. SUPURB JOB onthe 75 pound loss!!!!!! :hyper: that made my day!! this site is soooo great, you probably wont be able to go a day without logging on, and feel guilty if you dont..I know I do!!! perhaps a journal would help out? its a great tool! feel free to pop into everyones journal and leave little messags of advice or inspiration! welcome! I really look forward to your posts and progress!
Cheryll :)

Thu, Jan-27-05, 13:50
I'm so happy to see you nice people responding to my posts. I'm almost in tears, your words are exactly the support and encouragement I need. I'm just going in and out of threads feasting on the information I find. Yes, I will start a journal. I'm not all that good at handling the computer but I can certainly follow the guidelines here. It looks fairly easy. Thank you, thank you very much. I know I'll get to my goal. I feel great, although I still have a lot to lose, I feel so energized, even beautiful now that my jaw-bone is visible. LOL! Who knew I am pretty!!!!