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Tue, Jan-25-05, 14:26
Good evening

Just thought i'd say a quick hello as this is my first day on your site.

I'm from Southampton in England and am considering restarting on Atkins after a few months back on a "normal" diet.

I'm just doing a little bit of research to make sure that I get it right this time.

I lost half a stone in about 4/5 months last year. I managed to get down from just over 10 stone to nine and a half, but have crept up a few pounds over the Christmas period!!

Love Clair

Goat Lady
Tue, Jan-25-05, 14:50
Well a quick "Hello" to you too Clair! Welcome to the site! Hope to see you around!

Tue, Jan-25-05, 15:03
Hi and Welcome to our site!!

This is the Best place on the internet for advise and support!!!
You may want to start a journal and some of us also use fitday.com as a tool to help.

Have a great day!!

Wed, Jan-26-05, 05:58