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Sat, Jan-22-05, 09:42
Hi My name is Lin and I am new to atkins - I have wanted to try it for some time. At first my Dr. told me I was Crazy and that my cholesterol and triglycerides would hit the roof! So that scared me away. Now I am hearing positive news about Atkins. So I decided to jump on the wagon.

I am married (20 years) have 2 teenagers and I am sick and tired of being FAT! I want to lose weight. I work part-time for a sports & recreation center. I have everything here for me. Yoga, aerobics, weight room, cardio room, a huge pool. I dont use the facilites as much as I should. some times Iwill drag my 14 yr old daughter with me to the gym 3 times in a week but then I don't come again for 2 weeks. I think I am embarassed. I mean I work with these people and It terrifies me at the thought of putting a swim suit on. (I mean it isn't like they can't see that I am fat). I think I feel naked in a bathing suit. (LOL) So I am trying the atkins and have promised myself to at least use the weight room and the cardio machines 3x's a week to start.
Anyone have any advice or yummy recipes? I love sugar and that is my biggest weakness. I will eat cookies or a candy bar rather than a meal. Lately I have forced myself to eat soup with crackers (carbs) then I crave sugar like you woldn't believe.

Goat Lady
Sat, Jan-22-05, 09:45
Hello and Welcome! Glad to have you aboard!

Sat, Jan-22-05, 09:51
And congratulations on taking control of your life!
You will find that this is the greatest bunch of 'losers' you will ever hope to know. Everyone has been where you are now and will offer much support.
Come back often, post often and let us know how you are doing.

Karen in Tahoe

Sun, Jan-23-05, 06:16
Good for you! Just a quick thing to say about craving sugar...on low-carb you WILL lose that craving and before you know it the sugary things won't appeal to you nearly the way they do now (believe it or not!) It won't take long. Hang in there. If you SEE yourself getting thin, it will happen. It's all starts in your BRAIN... what do you want more??

Sun, Jan-23-05, 07:50
Your post struk a cord with me. We are similar weights and have had people tell us that LC is bad. It cant be a bad as having cookies and candies for most of my meals! I have been doing LC for 3 weeks and I don't always feel hungry but I still have the cravings for cookies! ANd of course it's girl scout cookie season!!!! Just realize that the cravings are a want not a need.

Sun, Jan-23-05, 10:58

Sun, Jan-23-05, 13:41
Good luck!

Wed, Jan-26-05, 19:06
Hello to Goatlady, grandKTahoe, KD6711, Debleigh,Missscruff, rach1786

Thank You all for your support and warm welcome! I had a good couple of days but this past weekend with the snow and frigid temps- I watched movies and snacked!!! I know it sounds like a cop out- but part of my problem is that my husband who is overweight by only 15 Lbs has no desire to lose weight and is not that supportive of me. He will sit on the couch and eat ice cream and cookies tortilla chips and then say to me that He loves me for me and not how much I weigh and often I give in!!! Then I feel guilty and angry with both of us. I told him that I appreciate that he loves me for me, but I would really like some support. He feels that if I am determined I should do it on my own no matter what is in front of me! I wonder if he is right? am I serious?? I mean I feel depressed over my weight I always picture myself thin and I have pics around the house of the good old days when I was 125 Lbs.
How do you stay on the wagon ladies???
what do you do when you feel tempted???

Goat Lady
Wed, Jan-26-05, 19:13
My hubby says the same thing..he's not doing this WOE either...so I'm all alone in this at my house....I know he loves me but it's bad when I'm not happy with me!

I'm only in 3 1/2 weeks but I've lost 13 pounds so far...When I feel tempted...I come here...seriously! There's so much support and help here it's amazing! If I can't get here, I have to think if the cheat is worth the guilt I'm going to feel...

The first couple of weeks are the worst...really the first for alot...your bode is "detoxing" the sugars that you are used to...whether it be ice cream, chocolate, or bread or rice...they all turn to sugar...

You can do this Lin, and we'll all be here for you...promise! :) .

And if you ever want to rant, rave, brag, or cry...you can click on the "journal" box at the bottom of my screen and it will take you directly to my journal...or if you want to personally talk to anyone else...just click the "journal" button on the bottom of their post...

Lucas Buck
Wed, Jan-26-05, 19:17
Welcome from another newbie. Take it from someone who's been there. You have to muster up the resolve to just do it or it simply won't work. Read Atkins book or at least read the web site that explains Induction in detail. Induction is very important and a huge key to long term success. Once you get through induction (which can be hard) I think you will find you can stick to the program even with all the temptations and distractions you are faced with. You will be so happy you finally took the plunge. You will feel better then you have in years besides looking better and better as you drop the weight.

Best of luck to you.

Wed, Jan-26-05, 19:27
Hi Luvjava
I'm kinda in the same boat as you -- :) my spouse is not doing this with me either - but I have a pic of my fav pair of jeans that I can't get into anymore and I have that hanging everywhere I might be tempted to cheat. :yum: I haven't lost that much yet but have lost enough to button one pair of jeans - thats a start. I am surrounded by temptation, I just keep thinking I'll have a bite of a cookie if I ever reach my goal, by then I figure I won't want one! lol Good Luck! ;)

Thu, Jan-27-05, 09:02
You should start a journal, so people can stop by and give you support. Plus you can track your goals, how you are feelnig, how you are eating, etc...