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Thu, Oct-04-01, 05:41
I broke my 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsals June 24. I was on crutches until the beginning of September, and a walking boot until yesterday. I was painless by then, and able to scurry around in my boot as fast as anyone. However, I couldn't really exercise well in it.

Yesterday, my doctor gave me permission to ride my bike and do some light walking to work up my muscles, although I have to wear a hard-soled shoe. She did not recommend physical therapy at this time.

My foot doesn't hurt, but my ankle, leg, and foot feel weak from some atrophy.

The question is this: What kinds of exercises can I do that will help me slim down and tone (I'm very flabby all over), which wouldn't be too hard on my foot?

Would bike riding and light walking be enough for awhile?

What kind of a regimen should I consider?

I've waited for months to be able to get more active again...and would appreciate a little guidance.

(I'm currently on the first week of induction.)



Thu, Oct-04-01, 07:20
The bike riding sounds good. It's a "soft" sport, in that it puts little stress on the knees, feet etc. A stationary bike would work as well. I would try to keep more to 'spinning' than heavy pedalling until things strengthen up. Also, have you thought about swimming or aquatics? Also soft sports and the natural boyancy of the water will make things easier for you all around.


Thu, Oct-04-01, 12:12
I agree with Nat on if you have thought about Swimming or Aquatics. It is great exercise and it isn't putting any pressure on your leg at all. And actually it is a great all over body exercise. I would check into that if you could that way you are able to work out your whole body and not put pressure on the part of your body that isn't up to par yet. I personally would swim in my pool for a great work out but I can not handle the fact that the temperature in my pool is about 40 degree's. Give it a try if you can it can't hurt ya.