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Mon, Oct-01-01, 17:42
I had this yesterday at a friend's house and tried to reproduce it for dinner tonight. Not only did I succeed, but I think I surpassed her's LOL!!!

1 1/2 zuchini sliced thinly
1 or 2 tomatoes sliced thinly
Herbs de Provence
(salt/pepper to taste)
Olive Oil

Arrange layers alternatively in a casserole dish sprinkling seasonings and olive oil liberally. Bake at 375 degrees covered for 30-45 min/ uncover for last 5 min or so to brown...OMG this is so delicious!

I topped it with peppered goat cheese before serving!

Muse :wave:

Mon, Oct-01-01, 20:11
Did you figure out the carb counts for this dish?? I realize part of the count would depend on the quality of spices.

If you can add these, this would be a perfect recipe to add to the October Vegetable recipes.

Sat, Oct-06-01, 10:08
sorry Sharon, ....I forgot to respond to you.

Yes, I'll try to figure out the carbs this weekend. I know I'm never allow to eat as much of this as it's taste warrants. It's so good!


Sun, Sep-02-07, 09:48
I know this is an OLD thread. However I made this on Friday and I'm still munching on it 2 days later.

I bought some zucchini last week because it was on sale. Then Thursday someone brought some nice big tomatoes in to work and I had plenty of two items with no idea of what to do with them. I found this recipe and it was perfect.

It really is tasty. I put coconut oil with some onion/garlic powder and cooded them in the oven with cheddar cheese on top. Yummy.


Sun, Sep-02-07, 11:20
My zucchini are gone for the year but if I can find some at the farmer's market I would like to try it it sounds delicious.