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Mon, Nov-15-04, 11:02
I had a Wedding and i ate some food, not much though, and i drank a lot! I had pizza with crust the next day to satisfy my hangover. Now after a week, i was afraid, but i got on the scale and i gained 5 lbs. What do i do now? I usually am pretty good. I eat hot dogs, low carb bread, lc p. butter, lc. tv dinners, and i need to start walking again. I have too many dogs and not enough leashes! Dont tell me to start over please! Im just getting sick of the same food.

Mon, Nov-15-04, 11:48
You might want to consider real food. Try to avoid all the frankenfoods.
When you cheat you only cheat yourself.
You have to decide what is important and set a goal and stick with the program of your choice.
NHE works well for me.


Mon, Nov-15-04, 12:37
If you dont want to start over with induction, just pick up where you droped off. I have to agree that some of what you are eating is not the best choice, but if it works for you. And if it doesn't then you know what to drop. The tv dinners and the hot dogs have a lot of salt in them!

Mon, Nov-15-04, 15:50
Definately cut out the processed foods. Check out the recipe threads here if you need some inspiration. Good luck!

Tue, Nov-16-04, 18:31
i dont have the money to buy ingredients just for myself. I dont always have the time to cook either. It makes too many dishes and takes too long. The tv dins are really cheap. I guess im screwed.

Tue, Nov-16-04, 20:33
I wouldn't go that far. The TV dinners are better than not following the plan at all. Just putting out the salt warning so you will know that you could be retaining water. The best way to get around this is, yes, drink more water. You may notice inches showing faster than scale weight.

Wed, Nov-17-04, 15:24
A lot of the recipes in the forum are for 1 serving, which I have found to be very helpful. And a lot of them can be made in the microwave too, pretty quick and easy. It wouldn't hurt to take a look.

You do have a decide what is important to you, and find a WOL that works for you.
Good luck.

Wed, Nov-17-04, 20:01
If you are eating all of those processed foods make sure to have lots and lots of water. I too seem to eat a few more of them than I wish I did but due to working long hours, sometimes that is what gets me through. I know it slows my weight loss but as someone else said, it is better than not lc at all. I try to cook one day a week and make lots so I have left overs or some things in the freezer and thank god dh cooks for me a lot and although he is not lc, he makes sure the meals are for me. He is not lc on purpose, but due to the fact I am, I guess he is too somewhat. Good luck and don't give up! You can do this.